CSGO Operation Riptide week 15 mission guide

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 30, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Our latest mission guide will help you make short work of the missions in Operation Riptide week 15.

We’ve known that Operation Riptide would be coming to an end for a while now, but that doesn’t stop it from feeling a bit sad. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive doesn’t get big events like this very often. The next operation is probably several months away, and all of the awesome new skins added for Riptide are going to become a whole lot rarer. The best thing to do is to appreciate Operation Riptide while we still have it. Earn your six stars and get close to your Riptide platinum coin with our mission guide for week 15.

Wingman – Ravine

The endless parade of competitive short match missions is finally over. For the penultimate week of Operation Riptide, Valve is sending players into Wingman on Ravine. The goal is the same as in the competitive mission. Win 21 rounds across multiple matches or win a single game and you’ll get three stars to reward you for your efforts. 

In Wingman missions, the most important part of the round is the bomb plant. On the T side, throw down some smokes and a flash or two to get it planted immediately. For CTs, try to delay the plant for as long as possible. When it is time for the retake, try to pop flash over the site and rush in as fast as you can. Ts really love lurking in Wingman, so use that to your advantage. Sneak defuses are always a valid strategy.

Arms Race – Endangered Species

Arms Race is CSGO’s version of Gun Game from the Call of Duty series. Each time you get a kill, your gun is changed to something different. The final task is to get a kill with the knife, and that can get tricky. Luckily for this Riptide mission, you only need to score 30 kills across your matches to earn a single star.

The alternative is to kill the points leader five times in a single game. That’s a pretty tall order and there’s not really an easy way to go about it. Your best bet is to just grind Arms Race until you reach the total kills goal.

Guardian – Current Events

This week’s Riptide Guardian mission involves scoring 20 heavy weapon kills against bots. Heavy weapons are generally pretty expensive, but the Negev is very cheap and is perfect for mowing down bots. Once you have enough money, it might be worth upgrading to either one of the autosnipers. The enemy bots won’t drop heavy weapons until very late in the waves, so don’t try to score those for free.

Don’t be afraid to grab a taser to deal with armored enemies. The sheer damage output of the machine guns might make it irrelevant.

Casual – Hostage Group – Shark Culling Policy

The final mission of Operation Riptide week 15 is a straightforward task set in an unusual environment. Hostage mode is the less-played of the two modes in CSGO. Few players run it, but that’s going to change considering the two-star reward for this mission.

The goal is to deal a grand total of 2,500 damage across multiple matches. There is also the alternate clear condition of dealing 1,000 in a single game. Remember that overkill damage doesn’t count, so an AWP headshot will only contribute 100 to your total. The best way to complete this mission is to frag well and throw tons of grenades.

The 20-player casual lobbies means that you can complete this mission with a single well-timed frag grenade, but good luck making that happen. Maps in the Hostage Group include Office, Agency, Italy, Assault, Militia, and Riptide special Insertion II


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