CSGO Operation Riptide week 14 mission guide

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 22, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Operation Riptide week 14 is a piece of cake with our mission guide.

Valve is clearly scrambling to come up with new ideas for Operation Riptide. A Little Competition is actually a pretty interesting week, which is a double-edged sword considering the time of the year. It feels a little strange to play a surfing-themed operation during Christmas, but Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about surprises. Here’s our guide to quickly clearing out week 14’s missions so you can maximize holiday time with your family and friends.

Competitive – Short Match – Ancient

Ancient is still CSGO’s newest map, so Riptide week 14 provides plenty of incentive to get comfortable on it. This Short Match Riptide mission has the same usual goal of winning 21 rounds across several matches or winning just one map. The three-star reward is enough to purchase a trio of Riptide stickers or roll for a blue skin from the 2021 Train collection. If you don’t get any CSGO Christmas gifts this year, you can at least treat yourself to some shiny new skins.

Guardian – Finish Fast

This week’s Guardian mission asks for 25 Breach Charge kills on bots. This is probably the weirdest Guardian mission yet, and last week required using enemy weapons. Several enemies will come equipped with riot shields, so try to throw the charges on them from above and detonate as soon as possible. There’s a very real risk of friendly fire for this mission, so try to keep your teammate’s position in mind before tossing out explosives. The taser trick isn’t really necessary for this mission, but it’s better to swap to a gun than die and lose all your progress. 25 explosive frags and the two-star reward is yours.

Deathmatch – Group Delta – Dead Heat

Deathmatch is usually used to warm up your skills with rifles, but expect to see a lot more AWPs this week. Dead Heat tasks players with scoring 60 scoped deathmatch kills across multiple matches. The best weapon for this is obviously the AWP, but you can challenge yourself with the Scout or auto-snipers if that sounds too boring for you. The alternate clear condition is to score 30 scoped kills in a single match. That’s a pretty tall order, so expect to play multiple rounds.

Casual – Group Sigma – First Impressions

The final mission for Operation Riptide week 14 requires 25 kills in casual on any of the Sigma maps. The alternate win condition is to score five kills within the first 30 seconds of a round, which tracks across multiple matches. Casual matchmaking is usually a bloodbath anyway, but expect to see even more aggression given the nature of this Riptide mission.

30 seconds is actually a fairly long time to score the first kill, so you don’t necessarily have to rush mid every round. The Group Sigma map pool includes Basalt, Ancient, Vertigo, Cobblestone, and Canals. These maps aren’t super common, so if you are familiar with them, this is a great opportunity to flex your entry fragging skills.


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