CSGO Operation Riptide week 13 mission guide

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 14, 2021

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Our Operation Riptide mission guide will make quick work of week 13.

Riptide week 13, Practical Oceanography, is now underway. Valve is probably planning a grand finale for their surf-themed operation, but we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to find out for sure. Week 13 is pretty standard as far as missions go, but the Riptide gun skin, stickers, and agent rewards are just as good as they’ve ever been. Here’s how to ace this week and earn your sweet six stars.

Deathmatch – Ancient – Abyssal Plain

Earning the first Riptide star of week 13 is as simple as hopping in deathmatch and scoring kills. You’ll need to score 10 kills in various locations all around Ancient.

The list starts with middle and takes you through both bombsites before circling back around to mid for the final kill. If you’re still not familiar with the newest competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map, this is a great way to get comfortable. Rack up the kills across multiple matches and cash in your first star.

Danger Zone – Sirocco – Destructive Interference

This is probably the most straightforward Danger Zone mission so far in Operation Riptide. Instead of completing random objectives or standing on rocks, you’ll be tasked with throwing down graffiti all over the map. You’ll earn one star for every three locations up to the maximum of three stars. 

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There are two locations in Kasbah, so spawn in the middle and get your sprays down fast. Head south to Fishing and Lighthouse to scratch two more off the list. This will definitely take multiple matches to complete, but the sizable three-star reward makes it worth the effort.

Competitive – Short Match – Vertigo

This week’s standard short match mission tasks players with scoring 21 round victories on Vertigo or winning a single match. As with previous short match missions, there’s no real trick to completing this. Just queue for the map and hope you win. Vertigo is one of the less popular maps, but grinding it this week will greatly reduce the wait time. Cash in the three-star reward on some stickers to make you feel better about getting wallbanged through everything.

Guardian – Continental Margin

The usual short match mission is followed by the typical Guardian mission.

CSGO’s cooperative game mode lets you and a friend earn stars together. In week 13, you’ll need to score kills with enemy weapons. Bots tend to come poorly equipped with pistols, cheap submachine guns, and budget rifles at best. Pack a taser for the big boys and don’t feel too embarrassed when you get one-tapped from across the map by a Source AI. It happens to the best of us.


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