CSGO Operation Riptide week 12 mission guide

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Operation Riptide week 12 is called Remember Your Training, so it makes sense that the missions will polish up players’ fundamentals.

Week 12 of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Riptide is now live. This week’s missions feature all sorts of modes meant to train players for real competitive play. You’ll either test out the entire CSGO arsenal in deathmatch or run retakes on new Riptide maps. Here is our guide to completing every week 12 Riptide mission and earning your cosmetics.

Arms Race – Rip Current

In week 12’s first mission, you’ll need to score killstreaks in the Arms Race game mode. Getting three kills in one life rewards one star, four grants two, and five gives the whole three-star bonus. This can be difficult, as Arms Race rounds tend to go very quickly. Your weapon will change as the rounds go on, so your best chance is when you have a rifle and the enemy squad is stuck with handguns. Getting an ace is difficult, but there are plenty of other ways to earn stars this week.

Wingman – Extraction

The next option to earn three stars is to get familiar with one of the new Operation Riptide maps. Extraction is a tight map with tons of close quarters. You’ll have to win one match or 21 rounds across multiple games. Submachine guns and pistols are powerful, especially if you rotate quickly and catch them on the flank. Remember that the enemy team will also probably be unfamiliar with the bomb site, so don’t be afraid to chuck a smoke and get the bomb down quickly on T side.

Guardian – Deep Water Blackout

This week’s co-op mission rewards two stars for scoring 20 submachine gun kills on bots. The trick to this mission is to stick close to corners and pray you don’t get magically one-tapped. SMGs tend to have poor armor penetration, so go for the P90 or grab a taser to deal with the armored bot. “Deep water blackout” refers to when a scuba diver passes out under the immense pressure of the ocean, but this mission is the least stressful of anything in week 12.

Casual – Group Sigma – Balanced Regulator

The final two Riptide stars up for grabs in week 12 will test your versatility. It tasks you with scoring kills with 20 different weapons. It also has the alternate condition of scoring 10 kills with different weapons in a single match. Rifles and submachine guns are your best bet, and make sure to buy a different pistol for the start of the second half. You can repeat weapons across matches, so you don’t need to dig too deep in the buy menu. It’ll take a long time, but you can just use your regular arsenal of rifles and the AWP until the progress bar fills up.


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