CSGO Operation Riptide week 10 mission guide

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 24, 2021

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Operation Riptide week 10 is titled Decompression, so feel free to relax while earning all six stars with the help of our guide.

Raise your Operation Riptide stash to 64 stars by completing week 10’s challenges. This week has some of the easiest missions yet. Whether you’re grinding ranked on Nuke or mowing down bots with the AUG, these six stars should be relatively painless to rack up. Here’s our mission guide for Operation Riptide week 10.

Deathmatch – Overpass – Nitrogen Narcosis

The first mission this week is to practice your aim on Overpass. This checklist requires you to score 10 kills in determined locations around the map to earn one star. You’ll start off fragging near the playground area and end with a kill in restrooms. Overpass is a wide-open map with plenty of flanking routes, which you can use to your advantage. It’s also one of the harder maps to travel around, so set up a kill bind if you’re impatient.

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As with any deathmatch checklist, you can speed up the process by choosing the right settings. You usually want free-for-all, but Overpass’ large size means team deathmatch will make it easier to get to your next assigned location. As for weapons, the AK-47 and M4A1-S are your best options. Submachine guns are also a decent option for the last few kills near the A site.

Competitive – Short Match – Nuke

Three stars and some ranked points are on the line in Operation Riptide week 10. Either win 21 rounds across matches or win a single map to earn the three-star prize. The first-to-nine format favors whichever team starts as CT, but don’t get discouraged on T side. Any successful rounds will still contribute to the alternate win condition if you don’t take the map. You can spend any hopeless eco rounds thinking about what you’ll be spending your shiny Riptide stars on.

Guardian – High Pressure

For this week’s Guardian missions, you and a friend will take a trip back in time to early 2019 when the AUG was last heavily featured in the competitive meta.

This mission requires you to kill 20 bots with the AUG to earn two stars. Remember that any kills with pistols don’t count, so try to save up for the scoped rifle as quickly as you can. Any heavily-armored targets can be taken out instantly with a taser, but that tactic is less useful this week. The AUG’s low recoil while scoped can help you spam a ton of headshots very quickly, taking down the Phoenix agent with just one magazine.

Casual – Group Delta – Barotrauma

If you’re not much for Guardian, there’s another way to earn two Riptide stars in week 10. Queue up for casual and score 20 headshots as quickly as you can. There’s also the alternate task of scoring 10 headshot kills in a single match. Remember to keep your crosshair at head height and play safe angles. The Delta map group includes Mirage, Inferno, Overpass, Nuke, Train, and Cache, so don’t worry about ending up on any unfamiliar Riptide maps.


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