CSGO Operation Broken Fang’s store, stars, and prices explained

By Nick Johnson


Dec 4, 2020

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CSGO’s Operation Broken Fang seems similar to Shattered Web at first glance, but players will soon realize they have many more options when it comes to getting the loot they want.

Broken Fang’s store is made for players who know what they want. It’s filled with new Agents, three new collections exlusive to Broken Fang, a Broken Fang Operations case, two new sticker collections, a new grafitti collection, and a seriously cool Skill Group Patch Collection that makes Silver the new rank everyone will want. There are some pretty big differences between Shattered Web’s Store and the new menu for Broken Fang. The largest change is to the loot table system.

How does Operation Broken Fang’s loot system work?

In Broken Fang, stars are now used as a currency, granting an instant chance at any of the collections, grafittis, stickers, skins, or Agents. 

By comparison, Shattered Web players earned stars by completing weekly missions or buying them from the CSGO store. Players could then apply the stars to their Shattered Web pass to level it up and grab the rewards associated with each tier. For example, once a player hit level 42, they’d earn a CSGO Graffiti package indicated by the light bulb. At level 43, they would earn a sticker capsule. Once players hit the end of the pass at level 100, it would start over.

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All of that is gone in Broken Fang. Instead of having to work their way through the battle pass to get a specific item, players now use their stars as a currency. Each of Broken Fangs new cosmetic rewards cost a certain number of stars to purchase, and those stars are earned by completing weekly missions.

Operation Broken Fang reward prices:

  • Broken Fang Sticker Collection: 1 star
  • Recoil Sticker Collection: 1 star
  • CS:GO Graffiti #3 Collection: 1 star
  • Operation Broken Fang Case: 2 stars
  • Metal Skill Group Patch Collection: 2 stars
  • Random item from the Control Collection: 4 stars
  • Random item from the Havoc Collection: 4 stars
  • Random item from the Ancient Collection: 4 stars
  • Random Distinguished Agent skin: 5 stars
  • Random Exceptional Agent skin: 7 stars
  • Random Superior Agent skin: 10 stars
  • Master Agent: Commander Mae skin: 25 stars
  • Master Agents: Sir Bloody Darryl skin: 25 stars

Instead of needing to reach a certain level to get an operation case, players can just take two of the stars they’ve earned and purchase it outright. Instead of a player needing to purchase a certain number of levels to reach the battle pass level that drops a case, they can purchase 30 stars and buy 15 cases outright.

There is an element of randomness to this as well. Players can spend four stars to get a random item from the “Control Collection,” similar to a case opening. The Control Collection contains a chance of dropping the most cherished new addition to the game, the AWP | Fade, which could en up being the new Dragon Lore

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Players can use stars they get in any category that they want, whether it be the new pack of CSGO agents, the skin collections, or a bunch of other new items added to the game with Broken Fang’s release. It’s a much better system than the one Valve used in Shattered Web and it allows players to target the items they want and skip the content they don’t.

How many stars do Broken Fang’s Agents cost?

Below is a breakdown of how much each of CSGO’s Broken Fang items, sprays, skins, and agents cost.

Master Agent Commander Mae – 25 Stars outright

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Master Agents Sir Bloody Darryl – 25 Stars for a random roll

  • Sir Bloody Miami Darryl
  • Sir Bloody Silent Darryl
  • Sir Bloody Skullhead Darryl
  • Sir Bloody Darryl Royale
  • Sir Bloody Loudmouth Darryl

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Superior Agents – 10 Stars for a random roll

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Exceptional Agents – 7 Stars for a random roll

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Distinguished Agents – 5 Stars for a random roll

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How many stars do Broken Fang’s new Collections cost?

The Broken Fang Case costs two stars, plus $2.49 in order to buy a separate key from Valve to open the case. Players should note that they cannot purchase the key to open the crate with stars. They will have to use money from their Steam Wallet instead. The Control, Havoc, and Ancient Collections cost 4 stars for each random roll.

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How many stars do the Recoil and Broken Fang stickers cost?

Finally, the CSGO Spray Collection #3 and the Recoil Sticker Collection that include recoil patterns for all of CSGO’s weapons cost one star for each random roll. The Broken Fang Sticker Collection, which is hiding some hidden designs, also costs one star per roll. The Metal Skill Group Patch Collection with it’s ultra rate Silver patch, costs two stars per roll.

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Overall, Broken Fang’s selection is vast, with something for everyone. Valve’s improvements to the store are also a big deal, since they allow users to target a certain collection for a chance at getting a certain item whenever they want. It makes it easier, but also more tempting, for players to simply buy stars for the chance of grabbing a snazzy sticker. 

Curious about what else Broken Fang adds to CSGO? Read the early review covering CSGO’s new operation right here.


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