CSGO may soon let you buy multiple molotovs, share with team

Kenneth Williams • July 30, 18:57

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players will soon be able to pass grenades to friends and go above the normal limits on grenade types, assuming recent Twitter posts aren’t just an elaborate bait by Valve.

On July 29, CSGO’s official social media posted a reply to Classic Offensive developer ZooL_Smith. In it, the development team hinted that a new grenade-drop feature might be added to CSGO. The message was predated by another temporary post that simply read “Imagine a world where pressing ‘g’ drops your grenades…”

The official CSGO Twitter has been sending out a ton of cryptic messages over the past few days about grenades. An image of Inferno’s A bombsite with some slight changes was posted the day before the grenade-stacking issue was raised. A number of important CSGO updates may be making their way down the pipeline, possibly even the long-awaited update to Source 2.

It’s possible that the developers want to drastically alter the CSGO metagame before the $2 million PGL Stockholm Major, similar to what happens annually in Dota 2 before The International. Sharing ideas through social media lets them take fan feedback and ideas into consideration. And make no mistake, the ability to buy multiple smoke grenades or molotovs and share them with teammates would be an enormous shift for CSGO.

Would sharing grenades in CSGO be overpowered?

If Valve is looking to change things up by the end of 2021, dropping grenades to teammates would certainly fit the bill. Valve has previously experimented with weapon buffs and map changes to mess with the meta. Grenade changes are an unexplored avenue for further developing CSGO. 

The number of grenades a single player can carry might be completely uncapped to accommodate this change. Valve returned to the same thread to imply that grenade purchasing limits might also be deactivated. The idea of piling 20 smokes or molotovs on a single rifler seems pretty broken, but five smokes, three molotovs, and eight flashes with no utility on anyone else doesn’t sound that bad. 

The most obvious problem with grenade stacking is how it impacts post-plant strategies. Why even defend the site if one player can hurl molotovs on the bomb for 30 seconds straight? Having a ton of grenades on a single player could lead to many “checkmate” situations for both sides. Of course, there’s also the risk of getting your grenade-stacked player picked off and being left with very limited utility on the rest of the lineup. Valve has a ton of work to do before enabling this change in CSGO.


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