CSGO coach exploits

CSGO coach exploits similar to the spectator bug have been revealed

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 30, 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s infamous spectator bug wasn’t the only one. More CSGO coach exploits were discovered during the investigation. 

The 2020 spectator bug that led to coaches getting banned has again become a hot topic. More coaches could land under the ban hammer due to a continued investigation, but that’s not all. The force behind the investigation, Michal Slowinski, revealed that he dug up similar exploits that still exist in CSGO. 

There are multiple spectator bugs in CSGO still

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The CSGO spectator bug may have been the worst coach exploit in the game’s history, but Michal Slowinski picked numerous other loops in the CS code. Now, the esports referee has just revealed that he encountered similar glitches that may or may not have been exploited before fixing. So far, Slowinski confirmed three glitches that are pretty similar to the spectator bug.

“I went through every single demo that was on HLTV and reported all instances of any bug use, even one round instance, to ESIC. I also reported all bugs that I discovered to Valve to have them fixed immediately,” Slowinski said. 

What’s a free roam bug in CSGO ?

The free roam bug was one of the many discovered during the 2020 investigation that got multiple coaches banned. This was the deadliest one after the spectator bug, as it allowed the coach to fly around the map and check what the enemies were doing. The free-spectator camera, otherwise known as no-clip bug was by the far the most lethal one. Fortunately, it was fixed immediately, and coaches could no longer abuse it. 

What’s the third-person bug in CSGO?

Michal Slowinski also mentioned a third-person bug discovered during the Esports Integrity Commission investigation. According to the referee, this glitch allowed coaches to watch teammates from a third-person perspective. 

It may not sound as significant, but coaches could clear out all angles for the team before the players could rush in. It was indeed a game-breaking bug, which was fixed immediately after the referee reported it to Valve. He didn’t say whether it was exploited during the same competitive games as the original coach bug.

Can you tell if someone’s fake defusing or not in CSGO? 

There is no particular way to tell if someone’s fake tapping a bomb or actually sticking. However, there used to be a glitch in CSGO that presented this intel to the coaches. 

Michal Slowinski revealed that the bomb bug would provide crucial information to the coach as the camera would get stuck on the C4. Using this angle, the coach could tell if someone was defusing or just faking. This is a significant bug in both casual and professional matches, but Valve was quick to remove it from the game. 


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