CS2 players turn grenade inspection into a sexual meme

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 30, 2023

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Counter-Strike 2 isn’t officially here, but memes have already surfaced. Valve now lets you inspect a grenade, and the new feature has turned into an odd meme.

CS2 is still in the final stages of development, as Valve keeps adding finishing touches and visual upgrades. Recently, Mirage was swapped out for Nuke, but the developer also added a brand new grenade inspection feature in CS2. Meaning players can look at their smokes, nades, and incendiaries like they would at a weapon.

While this is a prominent feature in CS2, players have whipped up a new way to troll. Creative FPS players have noticed an odd detail, which has turned into an inappropriate meme.

While testing the new patch, CS commentator James Bardolph repeatedly performed an action of equipping and inspecting a grenade, observing that the gesture bore a striking resemblance to a suggestive, sexual hand movement.

“Why have you put this in the game? You guys are asking for trouble with this.” He said.

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After his video went viral, multiple CSGO personalities, including Robin “ropz” Kool, tried out the grenade inspection, and it got awfully risque with each new grenade. While some fans think this is an intentional meme, others claim that Valve probably didn’t check it before rolling out the update. In any case, players are getting too creative with the new grenade inspection in CS2.

While fans find it hilarious, this new feature provides new opportunities for trolls. As if teabagging wasn’t enough, players are now equipping T-side molotovs and performing the sexual animation on top of a dead enemy while teabagging.

It’s unlikely Valve would now remove it, so sadly, players will have to make their peace with the new grenade inspection. The update has already been rolled out for those who have CS2 beta access.


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