CS2 bomb

CS2 is raining Elo on players as Valve fixes rank

By Kenneth Williams


Nov 27, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Your CS2 rank may have gone up these past couple of weeks, and it’s not just due to your insane game sense and cracked aim.

Ranking up was one of the best feelings in all of Global Offensive, but the new colored Rating system in CS2 doesn’t have quite the same impact. Still, seeing a number go up is one of gamers’ favorite activities, and Valve has acknowledged it. In a recent update, Valve has drastically changed the amount of Elo won and lost in Premier matches, and the result is an increase for nearly everyone.

This new information comes from scope.gg, a CS2 stats and analysis company. scope took a look at the Elo changes from almost 1 million players and determined that Valve has changed something about rank distribution in CS2. Players have begun earning significantly more Elo than they lose even in different matchmaking environments. 

The most common gain for a win in Premier shot up to 390 while losses only took away 115. This has resulted in a considerable increase in the average Elo of the player base. It’s not clear exactly what Valve’s goal is with these changes, but most players are just happy to see their numbers go up. As a result, the equivalent CSGO ranks compared to CS Rating have also changed as a result.

New CS2 Rating compared to CSGO ranks after Elo avalanche

With the influx of Elo in CS2, the equivalent Rating and CSGO rank have now drastically changed.

In addition to analyzing the Elo rush, scope.gg also compared the new average ranks to rank percentiles at the end of CSGO. In isolation, it first appears that it is more difficult to reach higher ranks than before. However, with the temporary increase in Elo earned, it’s easier to reach a higher Rating than before.

CS2 Rating CSGO rank equivalent November 2023

The exact Elo rating for any individual player is literally all up to them, but in general, players can expect to have an equivalently higher rank than before. For CSGO players who feel like they were underperforming in the new engine, they can thank scope.gg for a sigh of relief.