CS:GO patch changes economy bonuses, AUG and shotgun costs

By Steven Rondina


Mar 14, 2019

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Some big changes have come to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the wake of the 2019 Katowice Major.

A huge patch for the game dropped with many of the popular gripes of pro players and amateurs alike being addressed. Included are micro tweaks to weapon costs and how KDA totals are tallied, but also larger changes to the game’s economy.

The most important change came to how loss bonuses are calculated. Throughout CS:GO history, cash bonuses for the losing team have incrementally increased and then been reset with the first round won.

The new patch overhauls this mechanic.

The base loss bonus now starts at $1,400 with an extra $500 being added for each consecutive round lost, up to $3,400. Instead of the loss bonus being reset back to $1,400 with a round win as would previously have been the case, a victorious round now removes $500 from the loss bonus.

For example, if a team with a $3,400 loss bonus wins a round then immediately loses the next round after, they will receive a $2,900 bonus instead of dipping all the way back to the $1,400.

Breaking a losing streak only to drop the next round has often been a death sentence in competitive CS:GO, particularly on the more expensive CT side. This change affords teams more room for error when it comes to making a comeback.

There were also a number of changes to primary weapons, particularly on the CT side.

First and foremost, the AUG price has been reset to $3,300. The price drop to $3,150 was a major topic of discussion at the Katowice Major and was a key ingredient in the CT side being generally more successful than the T side. With pros now having an appreciation for the AUG’s power, it will be interesting to see if it remains a staple weapon moving forward.

While the AUG took a hit, the M4A1-S received a sizable buff in having its magazine capacity increased from 20 bullets to 25. The gun was almost a non-factor in the major, with nearly all players leaning in favor of the M4A4 or AUG. This could help the weapon return to relevance, and possibly become a favorite rifle for CT players.

Also receiving a buff are shotguns. The Sawed-Off, Nova, and MAG-7 had their prices dropped to $1,100, $1,050, and $1,300, respectively. The Nova also received a point of armor penetration, and the Sawed-Off’s effective range was increased.

Another small change that hardcore CS:GO fans will appreciate is the official recognition of flashbang assists in the game. Though tournament organizers and other media outlets have sometimes kept a tally of flash assists, the game now officially credits a player for blinding a slain enemy. This will not trump a traditional assist, which is granted when a player receives 40 or more damage from an enemy other than the player who recorded the kill.

There are more changes that were made to the game. The full patch notes can be found on the official Counter-Strike blog.


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