Crownshot won’t be playing in LEC or LCS in the 2021 season

By Christian Vejvad


Nov 20, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Former SK Gaming bot laner Juš “Crownshot” Marušič won’t be on any LEC or LCS team for the 2021 season, the player announced on Twitter. 

Crownshot will be the next prominent name that won’t get a spot in one of the major western leagues for 2021. The popular bot laner has been with SK Gaming for two seasons after he was picked up from the MAD Lions in the Spanish league as a rookie. He has since then been the main force of SK, but the organization as a whole never managed to find success in the LEC with him on the squad.    

Moving forward, SK will play with another rookie, former Misfits Premier bot laner Jean “Jezu” Massol, who will play alongside the former Team SoloMid support Erik “Treatz” Wessén. SK is one of the teams in the LEC to make the most changes so far, with a total of four new young players on its roster. 

Even though it has been known for some days that Crownshot won’t be playing with SK in 2021, it did come as a surprise that no other team had picked him up. Crownshot is not only a good player but also a well-liked personality in the League of Legends community. Crownshot has been a regular guest on Nick “LS” Cesare’s streams during 2020 and has built up a big fanbase for himself through Twitch. 

For 2021, it’s still unknown where Crownshot will end up. It’s likely that the Slovenian bot laner will look for offers in the European leagues, where he can once again prove his worth and fight his way back into the LEC. Crownshot has also been actively streaming lately, so that could be another potential career path for him to pursue.  

Talented players are missing out on LEC and LCS spots for 2021

Talented players not making it into the LEC or LCS have been a theme of this year’s offseason, after mid laner Fabian “FEBIVEN” Diepstraten and the talent Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov announced that they won’t be on any team either as things currently stands. There is also currently a chance that former Fnatic mid laner Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek won’t find a seat for 2021. 

The unemployed players have gotten fans to speculate if the LEC organizations are taking the wrong approach to the offseason. While many talented rookies are given a chance, some established names are left out in the cold. This could be an explanation to why many LEC players seek opportunities in the LCS, simply because fighting for a spot in the LEC can be tough. 

Many fans are now claiming that extending the LEC to 12 teams would be beneficial for the league, to make more room for all the talented players.

The LEC will return with the 2021 spring split at the start of 2021.