Creative 2.0 will change Fortnite forever

By Nicholas James


Mar 23, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Epic Games recently announced a massive update to Fortnite’s custom gameplay editor, here’s why Creative 2.0 promises to change Fortnite forever.

Fortnite’s Creative mode is how creative players and members of the community have been tailoring new experiences, game modes, and the like for Epic Games’ battle royale. Recently, Epic Games announced a massive change to Creative with the launch of Creative 2.0. The new gameplay editor unleashes a modified version of Unreal Engine 5 inside of Fortnite that allows a never-before-seen level of customization.

Creative 2.0 promises a new future for Fortnite

At the State of Unreal 2023 event, Epic Games unveiled Unreal Engine Editor for Fornite, or UEFN, a modified version of UE5 specifically made to allow custom gameplay experiences to be created in Fortnite. What this new version promises is untold flexibility for Fortnite creators and a brand-new future for Fortnite custom games. Epic Games debuted UEFN alongside several pre-made game mode experiences that are already impressing fans. Now the tool is in the community’s hands, and fans are already going above and beyond with the technology.

In fact, some fans are using it to recreate the very first seasons of Fortnite. With the tool only out for a couple of days, the sky is the limit for this massively powerful game editor. As the weeks and nights go on, Fortnite’s custom games will become a lot more than ways for fans to farm XP. The three game modes Epic has published include a Call of Duty-style Deserted: Domination and single-player modes like The Space Inside. Soon enough, Fortnite will feel like multiple games packaged together under one title. With tons and tons of assets from other intellectual properties, including skins from everything from Dragon Ball Z to Star Wars, the possibilities for Fortnite’s future seem near-endless with the debut of Creative 2.0.