CouRage trashes Call of Duty: Warzone, says Apex Legends is best

By Olivia Richman


Jul 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Call of Duty: Warzone streamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop heated up the rivalry between Activision’s battle royale and rival Apex Legends during a recent stream. 

CouRage recently admitted that Apex Legends is “way better” than Warzone. The reason? Apex Legends has better ranked lobbies. This is something he personally noticed after quickly climbing up to Masters on Respawn’s battle royale earlier today. 

“It’s crazy to see how many people are talking about how much they enjoy playing Apex Legends ranked,” CouRage said. “Who wouldn’t thought that playing in skill-based matchmaking lobbies with rank would make people want to play more!” 

CouRage then stated that his mind was blown. 

Players have disliked Warzone’s skill-based matchmaking for a while now. This is what made CouRage state that Apex Legends is “definitely the best battle royale available.” 

The 100 Thieves co-owner said that Apex Legends is “way better than Warzone,” especially thanks to upcoming updates like ranked Arenas, new legends, and a “huge” balance patch. Meanwhile, CouRage has expressed that Warzone is “declining” over the past few months. Thanks to hackers, stream sniping, and bugs, CouRage has been looking at alternative games to play, including Apex Legends. 

“I’m back on this game, in part, due to the love the community has always, always shown me on Twitter. Warzone has had its ups and downs and I love Apex Legends. I’ve always had a soft spot for it. There’s such a dedicated community. It’s crazy,” CouRage said. 

Is Apex Legends better than Call of Duty: Warzone?

CouRage may have sparked a debate, but it’s not a new one. Warzone and Apex Legends have had a rivalry over the past few months. CouRage’s words only encouraged the community clash to continue.

Some streamers have started switching off from Warzone. This is mostly due to the game’s rampant cheaters. Meanwhile, the Apex Legends community is anxiously awaiting Seer, the newest legend added to that game. Map changes are also incoming for Apex Legends.