Counter-Strike’s Shattered Web walkthrough for Week 14

By Nick Johnson


Feb 20, 2020

Reading time: 5 min

Week 14 of Shattered Web sees a few general missions, but Demolition is the weekly rotation for the first time this season, and the week’s Guardian mission offers an actual challenge.

Almost exactly as they were data mined to be last week, here are the week 14 challenges for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Shattered Week as the operation draws to a close.

  • You Only Live Twice: Get 8 round wins in Wingman: Train.
  • “Son of a Kalashnikov!”: Get 10 kills with the PP Bizon in Casual: Defusal Group Delta.
  • Gain the Upper Hand: Win 5 or more rounds in a single half of a Competitive: Cache match.
  • Space Race: Step on three bumpmines in Danger Zone.
  • War of Attrition: Get 1 Deagle kill in War Games: Demolition.
  • Avtomat Kalashnikova, 1947: Get 10 AK-47 kills on Guardian: Train.

Shattered Web Week 14 Bumpmines, Bizons, and heavies tips

Gain the Upper Hand

This is about as generic as Week 14 gets, requiring players to snatch five rounds on a single side of Cache. Winning the pistol and fending off the eco gives a team three rounds towards that goal, and a final two finishes it off. There isn’t much here except for us to remind you that they know you’re at quad with an AWP. They always know.

War of Attrition

Easy ones first. For those who haven’t played Demolition, it’s like a combination of gun game and casual game modes. Players start the match with their default riles like the AK and M4, but every time they grab a kill with their current weapon, the player will respawn with the next weapon on the list.

Players need only a single Deagle kill for the challenge, and the weapon is only the fourth on the list. Since players can’t progress in demolition without getting a kill, you might be tempted to chase for kills, Don’t. Once your get on kill, you’re updated, no matter what.. Play to win and the Deagle kill will come on its own.

“Son of a Kalashnikov!”

We knew this time would come. It’s time to break out the PP-Bizon in what is oddly the most enjoyable challenge this week. 

Casual’s challenge takes place in Casual: Defusal Group Delta and focuses on the mother of all terrible buys, a PP-Bizon.

While the challenge seems a little silly, the Bizon is actually a ton of fun to use as a front-line weapon. We had great success capitalizing on Casual’s larger player count to flash ourselves through smokes and get at least one or two kills.

Late round flanks were easy to execute as many players get caught in rotation with the right positioning. We’re not sure how they did it, but the Bizon now just feels fun. All players need are 10 kills here and they can move to what Danger Zone has to offer this week.

Space Race

Finding the bumpmines is the hard part here. Once you have them, throwing one down on the coast, triggering it, and air strafing so you land in the water but still close to shore is a quick quest completion.

Repeat twice and the Space Race is won. Tossing another one down and do it again is easy. Since the player lands in water, they don’t even need to bother with parachutes. Just toss ’em down and fly away.

You Only Live Twice

Break out your Train handbook and grab a buddy, because this week you’re going to need to grab eight rounds on Wingman: Train. Outside is hard to hold for the defense in general, especially on anti-ecos and pistol rounds.

Sticking together is paramount in order to effectively trade, and with the SG 553 still seeing a huge amount of play, its easier than ever for Ts to take the A site. CTs have to focus on establishing their area of defense. If they don’t, a T split will almost always find an opening. 

Z is a powerful position in competitive play, but less so in wingman. It’s constantly pre-aimed and grenaded, so playing bomb train with support Ivy and sandwich is a solid starting point.

There are several new smokes that Ts can throw from spawn, but nothing as groundbreaking or effective and the tried and true A main flash strat with a smoke lane. Between the two sides, taking eight rounds won’t be too hard. If you’re familiar with Train, it will be even easier. After you’re done there, pack up and head over to bombsite B for this week’s Shattered Web Guardian mission.

Shattered Web’s “Avtomat Kalashnikova, 1947” Walkthrough

In what is the largest guardian area yet, Avtomat Kalashnikova, 1947 features the entirety of bombsite B to CTs in this week’s Guardian mission. Over several waves of enemies that sometimes include multiple heavily armored bad guys, players will have to defend simultaneous assaults from upper, lower ramp, and Z.

The goal this week is to rack up ten AK-47 kills from the bot’s dropped weapons. The bots start wielding AKs starting in wave three, and dealing with the multiple points of entry can be difficult for players that struggle with situational awareness.

As with other guardian missions, if the Ts plant the bomb, it’s an automatic failure. So, what’s the trick?

Holding passive from close to CT spawn works best, but the new bot decision trees and general increase in deadliness spell disaster if one player fails to lock down Z. For the double heavy waves, a Negev will serve players well to lock down the Heavy Phoenixes, letting players use their scavenged AKs for the much more squishy regular troops.

Decoys will draw the bots away from you and towards the thrown decoy, even at the expense of a free plant for the AI. Additionally, smokes and Molotovs are great for putting the breaks on the bots coming through one of the two entryways, allowing players and their partners time to mop up the other hostiles.

This one might take a couple of tries, but the increase in difficulty is a welcome change of pace from last week’s easier affair. 

Next week’s Week 15 is the penultimate week in Shattered Web, but you can read more about what its money-based challenges are here.

For now, lean into the Bizon. It’s actually a good time.



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