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Counter-Strike 2 has an insane new Follow Recoil setting

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 26, 2023

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Gunplay is at the heart of Counter-Strike 2, and Valve has made a secret modification that’ll help players shoot better. Here’s what Follow Recoil means in Counter-Strike 2.

CSGO and all Counter-Strike games take inspiration from real-life shooting mechanics, and in reality, a weapon doesn’t shoot a dozen bullets in a straight line. Instead, there’s recoil and spread, which is why new CSGO players spend months getting the hang of different patterns. Unlike other FPS games, weapons have different spray patterns in CSGO.

The spray patterns and shooting mechanics will stay the same in Counter-Strike 2, but players won’t have to look up the recoil of each weapon and practice it separately. Valve has added Follow Recoil in Counter-Strike 2, which will help guide crosshairs on target with continuous shots.

What is Follow Recoil in Counter-Strike 2? 

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Follow recoil is precisely what the name means: your crosshair will follow the recoil of whatever weapon you have equipped, allowing you to keep it centered. 

Counter-Strike players often need to adjust their aim by pulling down on their weapon after firing the first few shots to keep their crosshairs steady. But even doing this doesn’t warrant stable aim, at least for green players. With Follow Recoil, players won’t have to eyeball their recoil control. Instead, the crosshair will show precisely where bullets are going. 

Here’s how it visually looks: 

So, as soon as you’re aiming sideways, you’d know and can adjust it immediately without learning new patterns. Of course, this unique setting may not do much for pro players, and they may even find it disrupting. FPS players who have been playing Counter-Strike since day may want to keep this setting off. But new players will benefit from it, at least until they can control their spray. 

How to turn on Follow Recoil in Counter-Strike 2 

Players can turn on Follow Recoil from Counter-Strike 2 settings to set their crosshair to move with the gun’s recoil. Here’s how.

  • Start CSGO
  • Press escape and go to settings
  • Select “game” from the menu bar and scroll down to “crosshair” settings
  • Here you’ll see a new “Follow Recoil” option
  • Change it to yes


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