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Counter-Strike 2 fans upset as Valorant streamers get beta test first

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 23, 2023

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Although Counter-Strike 2 beta was open to accounts selected randomly by the system, fans are expressing anger that Valorant streamers received beta test access ahead of veteran and celebrated CSGO players.

Valve opened beta access to keenly awaited Counter-Strike 2 on March 22, sending shockwaves across the FPS community. Naturally, players instantly tried to apply for the beta key, but Valve poured cold water over their enthusiasm, announcing that the automated system would randomly pick accounts based on hidden factors. Soon after, many got their beta keys, allowing them to jump into Counter-Strike 2.

While it’s great that Valve made the player select randomly based on playtime, Steam standing, and more, Counter-Strike fans were upset that loyal streamers didn’t get beta test access. WarOwl and Onhepixel were the two top streamers who have created CSGO content religiously over the years but didn’t get into the beta program.

The entire Counter-Strike came out in their support, bugging Valve to open special access. Fans were patient until Valorant streamers tarik, shroud, and even Sentinels got the beta key.

WarOwl took to Twitter to express his disappointment and requested Valve for access.

“I did not get access to the limited beta. I understand I’m not owed anything, but this is my career. I’ve spent over 10 years covering CSGO, and without access, I cannot do my job. I’m screwed,” WarOwl said.

Notable gaming figures called out Valve for not appropriately handling the beta access. According to the community, the developer should have granted specialized keys to 1.6 pro players and old streamers. However, casual Counter-Strike fans were mostly upset over Valorant streamers getting access smoothly.

Fortunately, WarOwl gained access to the game a few hours after other content creators had already shared their first impressions. While fans were initially disappointed that Onhepixel was left out, it appears that Valve also felt bad. As a gesture of apology for the delayed access, Counter-Strike 2 followed the esteemed streamer and even sent a direct message thanking him for his patience.


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