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Could Kurt Angle and Lita be coming to WWE 2K22?

by | Apr 13, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

WWE 2K22 has a long list of names from WWE’s past, but Kurt Angle and Lita aren’t currently among them. Will that be changing anytime soon?

Longtime fans of WWE have plenty of choice when it comes to playing as champions of yesteryear. There are iconic names from the past including Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, and Kevin Nash all present and accounted for. 

There are some omissions related to wrestlers that defected to rival wrestling promotion AEW. Current AEW personalities including Paul Wight, Mark Henry, Sting, Christian Cage, and Bryan Danielson were all prominent figures within the WWE and were prominently featured in recent games, but were cut from the WWE 2K22 roster.

That isn’t the case with either Lita or Kurt Angle. Both seemingly maintain a strong relationship with WWE, so why aren’t they a part of the WWE 2K22 roster or DLC lineup, and could they be added soon? Here are the possible explanations.

Kurt Angle isn’t in WWE 2K22, possibly due to rival wrestling game

Kurt Angle is one of the biggest omissions from WWE 2K22.

The game follows Rey Mysterio in its Showcase Mode, showing off Mysterio’s biggest moments in WWE and WCW. One of the highlights of Mysterio’s career was his WrestleMania 22 victory over Randy Orton and Kurt Angle. This win delivered Mysterio his first major world championship. Unfortunately, Angle’s absence from the game means this moment isn’t properly acknowledged.

WWE 2K18 Kurt Angle Pre-Order Bonus official trailer

Multiple versions of Kurt Angle appeared in each WWE 2K game since he was a pre-order bonus in WWE 2K18, which included a trailer to promote his inclusion. It’s unclear what led to his omission from WWE 2K22, but the most likely explanation is Angle being a prominent figure in the upcoming The Wrestling Code game.

The Wrestling Code is a new wrestling video game that’s in the works. It features a roster of lesser-known indie talent alongside a handful of larger names. Alongside Diamond Dallas Page, Rob Van Dam, and Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle is among the biggest names attached to The Wrestling Code.

It’s uncertain whether The Wrestling Code and Angle may have some form of exclusive deal in place. Rob Van Dam is also attached to the game but is still set to be released as a DLC character in WWE 2K22. Angle’s absence does stand out more than perhaps any other wrestler.

Lita left out of WWE 2K22 roster alongside Kurt Angle

Much like Kurt Angle, Lita isn’t on the WWE 2K22 roster and isn’t set to be added as DLC. Her absence stands out given her prominence and her recent association with WWE.

WWE 2K22’s lineup of women wrestlers is painfully thin. The roster is buoyed by wrestlers who were cut by the company including Nia Jax, Mickie James, and the IIconics. Other logical inclusions such as Ronda Rousey, Doudrop, and Xia Lee are all locked up as DLC.

It’s unknown what might be behind Lita’s absence, but the good news is that there are some decent approximations of her within Community Creations. Despite some exceptional fan-made wrestlers popping up, this isn’t actually the case with Kurt Angle quite yet.

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