Is Cody Rhodes in WWE 2K22? Will he be added to the game?

By Steven Rondina


Apr 5, 2022

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Cody Rhodes is not in WWE 2K22 as a member of the game’s initial roster. But will he be added to the WWE 2K22 roster after his return at WrestleMania?

The worst-kept secret in professional wrestling has been Rhodes’ return to WWE. Though there were questions about when he would arrive and what he might look like when he did, those questions were answered at WrestleMania 38. 

Rhodes returned as the surprise opponent for Seth Rollins and was given superstar treatment for what ended up being one of the best wrestling matches of the weekend event. WWE even brought him in with the “American Nightmare” look and presentation rather than just pretending the last six years never happened. It was a special occasion and a rare instance where a new addition to the main WWE roster has an immediate bright outlook.

The timing of his return to WWE is somewhat awkward for gamers as Cody Rhodes steps back into the promotion shortly after the release of WWE 2K22. So is Cody in the game? And if not, will he be added? 

Will Cody Rhodes be added to WWE 2K22 as DLC?

It is unlikely that Cody Rhodes will be added to WWE 2K22 as DLC. Cody is a huge addition to the WWE roster, but precedent suggests that he won’t be added to the latest game in an official capacity. Fans need only to look back at how the WWE 2K team handled Ronda Rousey after her WrestleMania 34 debut.

Rousey was another major WWE signing that officially debuted in the company as a part of the roster at Royal Rumble 2018 and wrestled her first match at the following WrestleMania. From there, she pivoted into being a regular performer in the company. Despite that, she was never added to WWE 2K18. Rousey’s WWE game debut didn’t come until the following year when her inclusion was made a pre-order bonus for WWE 2K19.

The WWE 2K22 DLC schedule has already been revealed at this point, and while Cody Rhodes could hypothetically be added to one of the upcoming packs, it’s unlikely. A standalone release is possible but the developer hasn’t revealed that Cody will be coming. WWE 2K22 is also the final game in the agreement between Take-Two Interactive and WWE. This could change the math a bit regarding new DLC packs.

Even if an official release never comes, there are already several high-quality create-a-wrestler options out there for Cody Rhodes. This means that players need only look to the community creations if they want to play as Cody Rhodes in a WWE ring.


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