Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband has a response for those who hate his music

By Olivia Richman


Jun 21, 2022

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Corpse Husband became popular due to his deep voice and mysterious persona, but he hasn’t been streaming as of late. Corpse Husband has instead been focusing on his music, and not everyone is enjoying his new tunes and their lyrics.

Corpse Husband has been using his signature voice for more than just streaming as of late. He currently has 11 songs out, including his newest popular single, “Hot Demon B!tches Near U!!!” This song came out in September and is still being bumped by fans to this day, but not everyone has been so receptive to his songs due to its lyrics, at least according to Corpse Husband himself.

Corpse Husband responds to haters who don’t like his music

The official video for “Hot Demon B!tches” currently has over 14.6 million views on YouTube, with comments gushing about Corpse Husband’s voice and the fun accompanying beat. But not everyone has enjoyed the song, with some bashing Corpse Husband’s lyrics.

Corpse Husband has decided to respond to people who find his tracks to have simple or downright bad lyrics. He called those who hate his music “dumba—-,” saying it’s ironic that they’d expect a song with a title like “Hot Demon B!tches” to have great depth or meaning.

During a stream with V-Tuber Ironmouse, Corpse Husband expanded on this sentiment.

“It’s funny. I’ll make a song titled ‘Hot Demon B!tches Near U’ and people will click it and be like, ‘These lyrics are f—— trash!'” Corpse Husband said.

What is Corpse Husband’s newest song?

Corpse Husband’s newest song is called “life waster.” It has about 2 million views after just two weeks on YouTube, and will likely continue to accrue more views over time.

Corpse Husband’s signature voice can be heard doing a spoken word rap at the start of the song in which he discusses his feelings over a breakup. He claims in the song that he “hates all the fame,” which coincides with his previous sentiments Corpse Husband has spoken to about streaming giving him anxiety.


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