Riot Forge games Convergence and Song of Nunu delayed to 2023

By Nicholas James


Oct 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Two Riot Forge games have had their release dates pushed back, with Convergence and Song of Nunu delayed until 2023.

Riot Forge is the new publishing effort by Riot Games in which branches of the enormous developer act as publishers for other studios’ games set in Riot’s worlds. Previous games from Riot Forge have included Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem. The two next upcoming games, a platformer focused on punk genius Ekko, and an adventure game about the dynamic duo of Nunu and Willump, have been delayed until next year.

Why were Convergence and Song of Nunu delayed?

In a public announcement on October 24, 2022, Riot Forge said that both games set in the magical world of Runeterra were in need of final touches before release, and would therefore be pushed back.

Convergence is a Prince of Persia-inspired platforming game starring Ekko that centers around the mechanic of being to rewind time to learn from your mistakes. This title is being developed by Double Stallion, the developer of Speed Brawl.

Song of Nunu is a story-focused adventure game about the twin characters who make up one champion, Nunu and Willump. Nunu is a Freljordian child, and Willump is his enormous, magical, yeti best friend. The game gives a cute spin on a relationship-focused story about a journey in the vein of Last of Us, or even God of War, albeit much cuter.

Delaying games to ensure they release well is part of Riot’s modus operandi, often explicitly caveating new products with the fact that it would rather release no game than a subpar product. The announcement simply stated that both games would be ready sometime in 2023, which doesn’t narrow things down much. However, given the need for an announcement, the latter half of next year seems most likely for both titles.


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