Complexity signs 100 Thieves’ jks ahead of BLAST Premier Fall

Nick Johnson • October 23, 2020 10:59 pm

Complexity has announced the signing of former 100 Thieves rifler Justin “jks” Savage to its under-manned Counter-Strike Global Offensive roster just days ahead of BLAST Premier Fall‘s opening rounds.

The North American organization revealed the signing on its official Twitter account alongside an overview of jks’s greatest moments. The rifler spent almost a year on 100T CSGO roster before the organization’s founder decided to pull the plug and begin dismantling the roster. While jks’s former teammates are reportedly being courted by Gen.G, it looks as though jks had a better offer from Complexity.

A year since Complexity began rebuilding its CSGO roster, CEO Jason Lake has created a top-10 CSGO team from scratch. It’s currently unknown if Complexity would have pursued the Australian if it hadn’t been for the sudden departure of Owen “oBo” Schlatter from the organization at the end of September.

jks has been a standout performer for 100 Thieves, good for an average 1.15 rating and finishing nearly 70% of maps played under the 100T organization with a rating over 1.0.

jks is a great addition for Complexity

jks is a sharp, veteran player who has been on a hot streak since CSGO’s player break ended in August. He had an immense impact on 100 Thieves’ success over that time, posting a +66 kill differential at IEM New York and a +69 over the course of ESL Pro League Season 12. jks was the organization’s most dependably deadly weapon and should fit right in on Complexity, especially alongside his new and equally deadly in-game leader, Benjamin “blameF” Bremmer.

Complexity had picked up Niels Christian “NaToSaphiX” Sillassen on loan from Nordavind after oBo’s departure, but he didn’t have the sort of impact the team needed.

That likely won’t be an issue with jks. Complexity will take on Vitality in the opening round of BLAST Premiere Fall, which is sheduled for October 29. jks has an all-time rating of 1.21 against the French team, making BLAST Premier an excellent draw for his first start on a new team.


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