coldzera explains MiBR exit, talks smack about former teammates

By Melany Moncada


Aug 20, 2019

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Star Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Marcelo “coldzera” David is letting it all hang out.

In a recent interview, coldzera got honest about his issues with former teammates, the problems with MIBR, and his relationship with his family.

coldzera got particularly candid about his family. The player said that he started playing Counter-Strike because his brother encouraged him. He eventually got better and started considering the possibility of playing as a professional. According to the player, his parents were initially against him becoming a professional player and moving to the United States, but they eventually came around.

“Today, my father is my number one fan. He fights tooth and nail to defend me every time. My mom came around as well,” coldzera said. “Right now, in every decision I make she’s always with me.”

coldzera talks about his MiBR teammates

The player talked about the pressure of being a top player and performing with his teammates, particularly Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo.

coldzera and FalleN both joined Luminosity Gaming in 2015. At the time, FalleN was already a veteran player with over 10 years of experience. coldzera was an up-and-coming player in the scene. Many believe that FalleN has been responsible for coldzera’s success, but he disagreed with the assertion.

“Everyone thinks that. FalleN is a great player and a great person, he’s one of the people that helped me get where I’m today, but I also helped him get where he is today. It goes both ways, so we’re even,” coldzera said.

When asked about the pressure of being an MiBR player, coldzera said that he doesn’t feel that type of pressure. The same could not be said about his former teammates.

“They started feeling the pressure when the results were not coming because they were used to winning every time. We grew complacent and lacked competitiveness, myself included,” coldzera said. “I’m not the kind of person to feel pressure like that, I play my game and I’m happy if I win if I don’t then I try to improve and there’s always the next tournament. I don’t let that get to my head.”

Later in the interview, he talked about former teammates Lincoln “fnx” Lau and João “felps” Vasconcellos.

“Fnx is a great player that you can’t really replace. The issue with him is that when he doesn’t have anything, he is one person but when he does, he’s a different person. As much as I love to play with him, it’s difficult to deal with him personally even though he has a good heart,” explained coldzera.

He also commented on the team’s decision to cut fnx, calling it a “group decision.”

Coldzera criticized former teammates João “felps” Vasconcellos.

“felps is the type of player that works well individually but not so much on a team. Sometimes we just want to hang out and talk, he isolates himself and that ends up affecting the team. That’s the reason why people don’t like playing with him or at least I don’t like being his teammate,” coldzera said.

coldzera leaves MiBR

The interview then transitioned to the topic on everyone’s mind when it comes to coldzera: the star player leaving MIBR.

According to coldzera, he wanted to leave MIBR back in 2018 when former teammate Jacky “Stewie2K” Yip convinced him to stay. coldzera wasn’t happy with how the team was handling its internal problems.

Coldzera admitted that he was against returning to an all-Brazilian roster, as he wanted to keep the squad’s new American players even if it meant a language barrier in the heat of the game.

He eventually accepted the new direction the team decided to take and was happy for a while. But the continuing external and internal issues ended up affecting the team’s performance. The teammates were not happy with each other, and it showed in-game.

MIBR organized a meeting and asked players for their opinions. Coldzera said he wasn’t happy with the team and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“We didn’t have chemistry, we were not motivated to play, we had many personal issues and that affected me. In that sense, I’m a very emotional player,” coldzera said. “Everyone thinks that one player can carry the team. To win, all of the players need to play well because, in the end, the five players win not just one. The players must be on the same line if one gets out of the line the performance falls drastically.”

coldzera wants MiBR teammates to pay

The player defended his decision to leave the team before its next big tournament. He said that playing under the current circumstances would not only affect him personally, but would also affect his teammates.

coldzera said that the decision was the best thing for both him and the team. He wants to look for his own personal happiness and not hurt the team in the process. However, he’s disappointed with the team’s attitude towards him of late. Coldzera believes that his former teammates a MiBR crossed the line with their “trash talk,” and said that he wants them “to pay for it”.


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