Cloud9 starts Worlds 2023 with victory over MAD Lions

By Melany Moncada


Oct 19, 2023

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Cloud9 started its Worlds 2023 run with a victory over MAD Lions in round one of the Swiss Stage.

It is a good day to be an LCS fan. Cloud9 secured a decisive win over MAD Lions and is starting Worlds 2023 with a victory. The LCS Summer champion showed an outstanding ability to adapt to the opponent’s draft and an overall better read on the map.

Cloud9 relied on team plays to mitigate all of MAD Lions’ efforts. The North American squad seemed to always be at least two steps ahead of the European team. The result matches early rumors about LCS teams’ outstanding performance in scrims.

On day two, Cloud9 will be seeded against the rest of the round one winners, hoping to get a second victory.

T1 defeats Team Liquid at Worlds 2023

Earlier in the day, T1 took down Team Liquid in the first match of Worlds 2023. What many expected to be a stomp on T1’s side ended up being a close series.

Team Liquid had a solid early game with aggressive plays and good map rotations. The team secured most of the neutral objectives on the map, including two Baron Nashor. Team Liquid struggled to return to neutral ground after securing the objectives, which ultimately made them lose the game.

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It is a promising look for Team Liquid. In round two, Team Liquid will face the other losers of round one. Considering these are “weaker” teams, the North American squad could earn its first victory at Worlds 2023.

 Following the Swiss format, teams need three wins to advance to the Knockout Stage. After one round of competition, it looks like at least one LCS team could make it to the next stage. Spirits are high in the LCS camp and fans have something to look forward to.


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