Cloud9 Fortnite roster recruitments continue, Nosh joins second

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 22, 2020

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Cloud9 is rejoining the Fortnite scene with Nosh being the second addition to its roster. The North American organization announced the news on Twitter with a video montage featuring Nosh’s in-game highlights.

Nosh will be joining fellow countryman Avery “Avxry” LoPriore, who is also a new addition to Cloud9. The announcement of his recruitment was followed by Axvry’s arrival into the Cloud9 Fortnite roster. 

“The second member of #C9FN NA is here! Please welcome nosh to the #C9FAM,” Cloud9 said in a tweet

Cloud9 was one of the first notable teams to join Fortnite esports in 2018 when the game was still not as popular in the competitive scene. The team’s investment inspired some other major brands to invest in the Fortnite Esports. 

Initially, Cloud9’s Fortnite roster had players from both Brazil and North America. Their journey commenced with Jacob “Hysteria” Reiser, who left the team in 2019.

After a brief break, Cloud9 re-emerged with a new roster that included Skylar “Snow” Babinski, Pedro “pfzin” Figueiredo, Nicollas “Nicks” Polonio, Igor “drakoNz” Fernandes, and Patrick “BlackoutZ” Garcia Da Silva. The former three left the team in 2019 leaving Cloud9 to DrakonZ and BlackoutZ. 

Cloud9 hasn’t had a Canadian player since 2019 in its active roster. Avxry’s arrival will mark Cloud9’s entry into the NA Fortnite scene. 

“We’re dropping into North America,” Cloud9’s tweet mentioned.

The two compatriots will be joining DrakonZ and BlackoutZ, as the duo who chose to stay when the going got tough for Cloud9. It seems likely that the organization is going to recruit more players into its active lineup as they earlier had a roster of five. With many active agents looking for a home in the market, Cloud9 has many options to choose from. 

NA duo to Cloud9’s Fortnite rescue 

The Los Angeles-based organization’s roster has had its fair share of disappointment. However, this overhaul might see Cloud9 regain its footing. The two new additions may help the team to blossom. 

Avxry’s track record speaks of his prowess and skill as the young prodigy has multiple titles under his belt, including Chapter 2 – Season 1’s squad Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). Conversely, the start of Nosh’s career was not one to write home out, but Cloud9’s newest addition might be a dark horse to look out for.   

His consistency has only improved since the start of this year. His performance, whether it be in squads, duos, or solo, has proven that Nosh is determined to achieve Victory Royale. 

He has played alongside other notable names in the past, including Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf and Chaotic. Nosh has also been in the top 10 of many tournaments, including Winter Royale and the Fortnite Champion Series.


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