CLG Ruin on LCS struggles: “My main problem was communication”

Olivia Richman • June 9, 20:01

It’s safe to say that Counter Logic Gaming struggled in the Spring Split. 

The 10th-place team saw some improvement halfway through the season with the addition of mid laner Eugene “Pobelter” Park, but it was a little too late. Now that they’ve had time to practice together a bit more and improve their communication, Hyeong-min “Ruin” Kim told CLG might even beat Cloud9 this summer. Maybe. 

CLG came in last in the Spring Split. What do you think went wrong for your team? 

Ruin: Earlier in the season, we had communication issues. After we changed to Pobelter, we got better for sure. But it was a little bit late and the other teams were better than us at that point. 

Do you feel that you guys are all on the same page now? What are your team’s strengths? 

Yes, I think so. Our individual skills are really good. We just need to get better as a team. 

I think if we know what to do in-game, we can do really well. Especially our jungler, Wiggily; if he knows what to do in-game, it becomes so much easier for everyone. 

What have you guys been focusing on to hopefully have better results in the Summer Split? 

We want to get better at communication. Especially for me. We just lost a lot of games, so we lost confidence in our performance and champion picks. I think my main problem was communication. I’m not a native English speaker but I’m trying to get better. 

Do you feel a lot of pressure to improve this season or do you just feel there’s nothing to lose? 

I guess I feel pressure, but I’m just trying my best. I just want to perform better. I just want to prove that I’m a good player. I can be a good player in the LCS. So I’m trying my best. 

Which team are you looking forward to facing the most? 

I guess C9. I think the other teams are not really special. C9 is, by far, the best team in the LCS right now. If we beat them in a match, I’d be really happy. 

How do you think it will go this time when you play Cloud9? 

Obviously there’s some chance [that we win]. So, yeah. I just want to win against them. 

What is your goal for the 2020 LCS Summer Split? 

My goal for now is to make playoffs. 

Did you have any message for the fans rooting for you this season? 

A lot of fans are supporting us. I just want to make our fans happy this split. I hope that you guys keep supporting us. I will be doing my best.


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