Classic Counter-Strike map Aztec returns in this new remake

By Nick Johnson


Feb 23, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mapper has created a near-perfect recreation of classic map Aztec using assets Valve introduced with the release of Broken Fang.

CSGO players haven’t been able to play an official version of Aztec since Valve removed the map in November 2017, but one of the game’s players has put over 5,000 hours of CSGO experience and Valve’s official assets from the game’s operation map Ancient towards building the next best thing. 

Aztec remake almost perfect recreation of classic map

When Valve released Ancient alongside CSGO’s Operation Broken Fang last December, many players were disappointed that they didn’t get a full remake of the game’s classic map instead. Valve let Ancient’s assets loose on the CSGO community soon after Broken Fang’s release, and it was suddenly clear just how much work Valve had put into the map. The models and textures really did look like they had been pulled from Aztec, updated, and faithfully put together to create a worthy successor to the classic map. 

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But even though Ancient is a strong map and a solid take on what a revamped Aztec can be, a CSGO mapper named Henge decided that Aztec still needed a full remake. He brought his over 5,000 hours of experience in CSGO to bear on the classic map and rebuilt it using the assets Valve provided to CSGO’s community. Released last week, Henge’s remake of Aztec is a beautiful and worthy take on one of CS’s oldest maps. 

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Henge’s version doesn’t do much to change the map despite Aztec’s reputation for being imbalanced, something he says was difficult to deal with. CSGO’s best mappers are always looking for balance, and Henge admitted it was hard to not change the map in order to create a more even playing experience. 

His version is a faithful recreation of the classic map, with its bombsites, angles, and trademark bridge all making an appearance. The mapper told CSGO YouTuber 3kliksphillip that  his remake of Aztec took around 250 hours to complete, but it’s likely to take anyone else trying it much longer.

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Henge has a long history of remaking maps in his own style, repurposing Valve’s assets from CSGO maps to create remakes done in the style of some of CSGO’s other maps. For example, one of his prior projects was a complete overhaul of Mirage using Nuke’s assets, offering a unique take on the popular map.

Fans can get their hands on Henge’s Aztec remake on the Steam Workshop