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Cheap CS skins that are worth buying in 2023

By William Davis


Sep 10, 2023

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CSGO skins are cosmetic items with unique designs and over 1,500 variants on trading platforms. With Counter-Strike 2’s release on the horizon, Valve promises to transfer all currently owned skins.  

Counter-Strike continued to evolve through the series of versions, with CSGO being the most known today. Gamers worldwide have actively played it for the past ten years. One of the reasons for its popularity is skins.

The developers promise to transfer them to the new version called Counter-Strike 2, so players can continue to buy and sell CSGO 2 skins. To do so effectively, players should closely monitor price trends, as external factors can influence the price. For example, if a popular esports pro starts using them actively. 

Here are some of the best skins in 2023.

M4A1-S Printstream

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Users are divided into two camps. While some of them use M4A1-S more actively, others prefer M4A4. Accordingly, the cost of Printstream skins for these two weapons was lowered due to the greater number of options. They look harmonious against each other, with a starting price at around $98 USD.

AK47 Slate

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Slate almost immediately won the target audience’s sympathy when it launched in 2021. The entire surface of the machine is painted in black matte color, making it look mesmerizing. The cost of the skin starts at $78.

USP-S Traitor

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Traitor is a bright and visually appealing skin with Chinese motifs, including the dominance of red color, dragons, lotus, and other elements. And it’s cost on the market starts at only $8.

M4A4 In Living Color

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Created with living and bright colors, this skin has many unique elements. What’s even better is its price. Even though this is one of the most visually appealing skins in CSGO, its price starts at only $3.

M4A1-S Hyper Beast

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Hyper Beast is a great option for those who like monster themes, with a cool creature brushed in acidic tones all over the weapon. The cost starts from $8.

AWP Duality

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Lots of players actively use sniper rifles during ranked matches. While Duality may not be one of the most popular skins, it has an interesting design that still makes it a beloved pick. It starts at $7 and doubles with the StatTrack option.

Desert Eagle Ocean Drive

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Another bright and positive skin that looks like a mosaic, with each element painted in its own color. While the most basic version starts at $11, different variants of this skin can go as high as a couple of hundred.

The year is not over yet, and new skins are expected to come, especially with the upcoming release of CS2.


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