Chaos EC release Infinite before IEM Katowice 2020 qualifiers

By Nick Johnson


Jan 4, 2020

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Gage “Infinite” Green has been benched from the active roster of Chaos Esports Club.

The organization benched Infinite just days ahead of the IEM Katowice 2020 North American closed qualifier. The North American esports organization made the announcement on its official Twitter account while also announcing that the team would be relocating to Arizona.

Infinite joined Chaos EC exactly year ago, on January 3, 2019. In an official statement from the organization simultaneously announcing plans to move the organization to Arizona, Chaos described Infinite’s benching as a “mutual decision by all the players.”

Despite Chaos’ assertion that the benching was a team decision, Infinite’s comments regarding the situation that it was his choice to move to the bench and explore other opportunities.

I have decided to bench myself on Chaos EC. As for what I’m doing now, no breaks gonna keep grinding CS and I am looking at all options so if anyone is interested feel free to message me. My DMs are always open,” said Infinite on Twitter.

Chaos ended their statement with a notice that the club would announce Infinite’s replacement “shortly.”

Chaos makes changes before WINNERS League, IEM Katowice qualifiers

Chaos opened their statement on the move by stating the team knew from the beginning that it would change throughout its existence. The organization’s words are telling, ultimately implying that Infinite’s removal will facilitate growth in the organization’s CSGO squad.

In the press release, Chaos also revealed that the team would move to Arizona instead of a planned transition to Atlanta. There was little concrete information in the release about the sudden change, but Chaos EC provided little detail.

“After discussing our options with the players they felt like this would better serve them by providing them with better access to servers while still allowing for affordable living and all the other advantages that came with living in Atlanta,” said Chaos in the release.

Chaos EC’s CSGO team has been on a roll lately, plowing through WINNERS League Season 3 and earning a playoff spot with a 7-0 record. They will face off against Ascent Esports as their first opponent in the 16-team playoffs.

Chaos’ run in the closed qualifiers for IEM Katowice 2020 starts on January 7. 


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