Chaos Dominates as WINNERS League passes halfway point

By Nick Johnson


Nov 19, 2019

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Week 4 of WINNERS League Season 3 gave viewers plenty of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive action to enjoy.

The top game of this week was an exciting match between Vexed Gaming and Team UNiQUE on Nuke. Alongside this, a beautiful play by Se7en’s Algat “Smiley13-” Abdul and a dominant win by Chaos Esports Club highlighted the action.

Team UNiQUE takes a tough win on Nuke against Vexed Gaming

In WINNERS League’s wildest game of the season so far, the match between Vexed and Team UNiQUE was a close one until the end. The first half ended with a 9-7 scoreline in UNiQUE’s favor, and massive efforts from Vadim “-Polt” Tsyrov and Evgeny “fenvicious” Mitsik allowed the team to surge to the win and, bringing UNiQUE to a 2-2 record in Group B.

The back-and-forth action came plenty of highlights, but Team UNiQUE’s bait and switch ramp defense takes the cake.

Neither team played perfectly, with both dropping anti-eco rounds. Still, they were evenly matched on the map in a way that made for an incredibly fun contest.

Vexed Gaming drops to 0-4 and currently sits at the bottom of Group B. Vexed have had trouble this season and can’t lose another game if they hope to maintain a playoff spot.

Chaos Reigns over 7Sins

Over in North America, Chaos Esports Club dropped a bomb on 7Sins Esports on Inferno with a 16-3 win. Chaos immediately established themselves as the better team, as Joshua “Steel” Nissan and co. outfragged and outplayed 7Sins on both sides of the map. Chaos almost doubled 7Sins’ kill count at 84-45.

The Chaos roster is performing well under their new banner and is in first place in Group C. Under steel’s veteran leadership, Chaos is the early favorite to win the WINNERS League Season 3 North America Division.

Play of the Week: Smiley13’s precise quad kill

It looked like Se7EN’s Algat “Smiley13-” Abdul was dead to rights in the pit during his team’s match on Inferno against Team Queso, but the player wasn’t about to go down quietly. Instead, he pulled off a fantastic quadruple kill with only one magazine.

SE7EN would go on to win Inferno 16-6

Overall, top teams are showing their strength

Now four weeks into WINNERS League Season 3, teams are starting to lock up playoff spots while others are fighting to stay alive.

Next week is important for teams sitting in the middle of the standings. With only three weeks left in WINNERS League, opportunities to pick up wins are fading fast. Teams like eSuba in Europe and tribE in North America have to up their game in order to make the playoffs.

It’s not just those teams that need to take advantage, either. Next week’s matches are incredibly important in the stacked North American Group A, where Ascent Esports, ATK, and Mythic are still undefeated.


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