Dylastein's room

Ceiling collapse during CSGO game forces player to end stream

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 13, 2023

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A game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may have just saved a Twitch streamer from a ceiling collapse.

CSGO streamers are known for their ability to come up with unique and engaging content, but there are situations that are beyond their control, like ceilings collapsing mid-stream. Not every day do you see a streamer playing CSGO while a roof casually caves in the background. But that’s exactly what happened to Dylastein.

During his CSGO livestream where Dylastein was inspecting a game, his ceiling came crashing down. The streamer took no damage and is unharmed, but he really just got lucky.

The ceiling collapse greatly impacted the bed and belongings placed behind his computer setup. But, according to Dylastein, he was napping on that spot 20 minutes before the stream began. So, if he hadn’t started streaming, he might be in his bed where the ceiling crashed. The community is grateful that Dylastein decided to play CSGO that day and is now safe and sound.

When inquired about the source of the collapse, the streamer revealed that his drywall burst due to the increased water damage from an air conditioning leak. The aftermath was pretty bad. Dylastein shared images of his room on Twitter, where the broken ceiling was blanketing his bed and the rest of his belongings.

Dylastein's room

Fortunately, Dylastein is unharmed and is even joking about the incident, which fans love. Before the unfortunate collapse, Dylastein had been trying to reach 75 followers, but he’s now at 346 followers after the viral clip. He’s also changed his cover photo to his teammate’s well-timed “RIP spray” right after the ceiling caved in.

“Thank yall so much for all the love!! I set a goal to get 75 followers back in December, and within 4 hours of this post, I surpassed 130, and I haven’t even started streaming today yet.” He said.

Dylastein’s content has been thrust into the limelight due to an unfortunate incident. Nevertheless, his official Twitch channel continues to draw viewers, as he frequently streams popular games like CSGO, Valorant, and Elden Ring.


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