refresh the Night. Market

Can you refresh the Night. Market in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Night. Market allows players to purchase cheap skins but from an extremely limited selection. Is it possible to refresh the Night. Market in Valorant? 

Valorant’s inventory is packed with swanky gun bundles that are way beyond the price range of some players. These exorbitant skins may not drastically improve your aim, but they sure style up highlight-worthy plays.

Unfortunately, not all players can afford these bundles. To make in-game cosmetics more accessible, Riot Games introduced the Night. Market.

What is Valorant Night. Market? 

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Night. Market is like a virtual thrift store for guns, where weapon skins are available for a drastically lower price. Since Valorant bundles can be extremely pricey, Night. Market is a hit among fans. 

During Christmas of 2020, Riot Games introduced the Night. Market, which was initially thought to be a holiday-specific feature. The developer later made it a regular part of the game, bringing it back every two months. Night. Market stays for almost two weeks, which is enough time to buy multiple skins at a lower price.

How to refresh the Night. Market in Valorant? 

There’s no straightforward way to refresh the Night. Market in Valorant. The six cards stay the same throughout the duration of the event, but players who have some extra cash may be able to flip the cards. 

Night. Market comes with six permanent slots that feature skins from different tiers. If you don’t like the guns on your first six slots, you can ask for more by shopping for an item from the chosen slot. Players can only flip one slot and must purchase the revealed skin to re-flip the card. All six cards can be refreshed until you find the desired weapon cosmetic. It’s a long shot, but the only way to refresh the Night. Market in Valorant.

Previously, the Valorant Night. Market mainly included low-tier weapons, provoking poor feedback from the players. The older cards entirely depended on luck. Some used to get the best Night Night slots, while others got stuck with minimal skins. Some players aren’t satisfied even after the store upgrades and want to have a refresh feature.

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to refresh the Night. Market as all cards are random. If you can’t afford to flip the slots, wait for the next thrift store. The market appears every one and a half months, bringing a new assortment of cut-price skins.