CallMeCarson teases YouTube return after grooming allegations

By Olivia Richman


Jun 20, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Carson “CallMeCarson” King faced harsh backlash after it was revealed that the YouTuber was grooming underage fans. 

People that previously worked with CallMeCarson accused him of sexual misconduct in January. The YouTuber had allegedly told members of the Lunch Club that he had exchanged nude photos with a 17-year-old girl. CallMeCarson is 22. In response, a different woman came forward on Twitter to open up about her experiences with CallMeCarson while she was a teenager. 

After the accusations, CallMeCarson went silent on social media. Until now. 

CallMeCarson hints at a return to YouTube

CallMeCarson has been logged off Twitter since January, but he returned late Saturday night with a vague message that hinted something was incoming. 

“Give me a little bit longer,” CallMeCarson tweeted. 

This was enough for fans to speculate that CallMeCarson was returning to YouTube, or at least to social media. Supporters of the content creator noted that “17 and 19 is not illegal” and downplayed the seriousness of the allegations. Others even took umbrage with those around CallMeCarson who amplified the allegations across social media.

But others were concerned with CallMeCarson’s possible return. Even if the age gap wasn’t especially large, CallMeCarson was still alleged to have manipulated young fans taken advantage of his “power” and “fame.” Some in the streaming community wanted CallMeCarson to actually address the allegations in a serious way, something that he still hasn’t done as of yet. 

During the back and forth, CallMeCarson didn’t say anything more. So far, this tweet is the only thing CallMeCarson has said since using social media again. It’s not clear how much longer CallMeCarson needs or what he will even do when he comes back from his break. Both fans and those who oppose his return can do little more than wait and see what happens with him at this time.