cadiaN out of Heroic, is the legendary IGL retired?

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Longtime Heroic captain Casper “cadiaN” Møller has left the squad’s active roster, leading many longtime CS fans to think he’s retired from competitive play.

Heroic is one of Counter-Strike’s most storied rosters. The streaky squad is known for pulling off big upsets while also falling victim to them, but the team’s heart has always been cadiaN. The outspoken captain has led the team to a dozen championships since joining in 2019, but the long run of success may have reached its end as he has formally left the starting roster.

Does this move mean that cadiaN has retired? Or could he search for a new team to lead to victory?

The roster change was announced on October 4, 2023, through Heroic’s official social media channels. The decision, which was publicized as mutual, has cadiaN on the bench while another player will take his place in the server. Heroic has not announced a replacement yet, but whoever they pick will not have much time to prepare. Heroic is scheduled to play in the Thunderpick World Championship starting October 27.

The move puts an end to the year and a half years of partnership between the player and the organization. cadiaN first joined after North’s legendary run in 2019 and quickly assumed the role of both IGl and AWPer. While the squad’s roster has been constantly evolving, the captain was the bedrock of the team throughout its highs and lows. The Heroic brand and cadiaN were practically synonymous, making the benching a shock, but don’t think the shotcalling sniper is retired just yet. 

Is cadiaN retired after leaving Heroic?

While leaving Heroic is a big move for him, cadiaN has confirmed that he is not retired and plans to join or start a new team for Counter-Strike 2.

Shortly after the announcement went public, cadiaN took to his own social media to discuss his plans moving forward. In the statement, he expressed a desire to continue playing professionally.

“Looking ahead, my time has come for new adventures, and I am feeling very confident about my future,” said cadiaN.

As for where cadiaN will end up, it will likely be an all-Danish team. There aren’t many slots available at the top level, though Astralis is a possible option if Benjamin “blameF” Bremer is willing to give up his shot-calling position. There is also a chance he branches out for an international roster, though there are few teams currently looking for a new IGL.


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