cadiaN calls out CSGO FPS issue, FACEIT admin shares a fix

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have discovered a massive FPS drop at the start of 2022, but there could be an easy fix.

A recent update from Valve seems to have caused a lot of FPS issues in CSGO. Players have reported massive frame drops as big as 100 since an update in early January 2022. Among the affected players is Heroic in-game leader Casper “cadiaN” Møller. The cause of these strange CSGO FPS drops is not known, but a CSGO expert has already found a solution.

Early on January 7, cadiaN posted on social media that he was experiencing massive frame drops ever since an early 2022 update. He even stated that the issue was confirmed by BLAST Premier administrators. 

Several other users on various CSGO forums have tried to find the source of the issue to no avail. Some claim that the issue is tied to grenades, but cadiaN’s issue seems to constantly affect the game regardless of utility. Others have claimed to not experience the issues whatsoever.

If you’re experiencing a massive CSGO FPS drop in 2022, there’s a simple solution you can try.

How to fix CSGO FPS issue in 2022

In the same social media thread, a former FACEIT developer offered a fix. Tim Cheung is the creator of FACEIT Enhancer, a popular browser extension designed to improve the CSGO matchmaking experience.

His advice is to clear out the cache and cookies from Steam’s built-in web browser. Cheung did not specify exactly why this fixes the newest CSGO FPS issue of 2022. It’s strange that the Steam web browser cache would affect in-game performance. It could be related to the decade-old coding behind CSGO. The eventual switch to Source 2 could fix these problems in the future.

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To do this fix, open up the Steam client and click the Steam menu in the top left. Go to the Web Browser tab and delete both the cache and cookies. After that, restart Steam by navigating to the top left menu again and clicking the Exit option. Start up CSGO again and the issue should be solved.