Broken Fang’s Control Case is filled with quality skins, new Fade

By Nick Johnson


Dec 28, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Alongside Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Broken Fang came two smaller cases that each have a strange theme. And there’s one weapon in the Control Collection that might wind up as the most expensive skin of them all.

CSGO’s new Control collection is filled to the brim with what might come next for CSGO, but before that, news players might want to get an inside look at the skins themselves before they go to spend their Operation Broken Fang stars. Luckily, the game’s files provide some of the most fantastic textures that CSGO has ever seen despite the fact that some of the skins in the collection seem like they’re only there to water down the loot pool. The list starts off with Control’s more relaxed options, but by the time players get to the final weapons Control quickly turns into a game of “What is that doing there?” 

CSGO’s Control Collection debuts the FADE AWP

Here’s the list of all of the weapon finishes players could pull by spending their weekly stars on the what might be the biggest game of chance in CSGO’s history. It has a large amount of Consumer and Industrial grade weapons to start off its loot table, but the further players get, the crazier the Control Collection becomes. Here’s a quick breakdown of Control’s weapon rarities.

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CSGO’s Control Collection Breakdown by weapon rarities

  • Five (5) Consumer  Skins
  • Four (4) Industrial Skins
  • Five (5) MilSpec Skins
  • Three (3) Restricted Skins
  • Two (2) Classified Skins

Some of these weapons, including the AUG and MP9, are starting to make a comback in CSGO thanks to players such as Team Liquid’s  Johnathon “ELiGE” Jablonowski using the AUG in particular to great effect over the final matches against BIG Company.

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CSGO Control Collection skins – Which ones are the best?

While a ranking like this usually depends on the person, here are the top five weapons to come out CSGO’s Broken Fang Case. Two of the collection’s pistols in the Five-Seven | Berries and Cherries as well as the P2000 | Dispatch both make for great looking and relatively inexpesive skins for any player looking for a change in the pistol department. 

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Both the UMP | Crime Scheme and the FAMAS | Prime Conspirary use their colors to gain attention, and they pull it off quite well. That said, both make CT’s stand out from bombsites away, so that’s always a consideration.

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CSGO’s AWP Fade is a classic finish on an even more expensive weapon

Finally, the AWP | Fade herself makes an appearence, Previously only available on the T-side Glock 18 and the shared MP7 submachine gun, players can finally get their hands on a Fade all their own. The style stilll goes for well over $500 dollars on the marketplace for the Glock version, as Fades are one of CSGO’s most famous and deadly skins.

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The AWP | Fade made its debut in the Control Collection, and it’s likely that it won’t ever drop again after Operation Broken Fang ends, when it will probably skyrocket in price. Similar weapons, like the Shattered Web exclusive rifle, the AWP | Gungnir, are well into the two and three thousand dollar ranges and have continued to climb since the operation’s end in March 2020. But players are going to have to get lucky to get this new and rare skin. There’s only one way to get the AWP Fade, and that’s handing over their hard-earned stars to a random number generator.