Breaking down the week 8 challenges for CSGO Operation Shattered Web

By Nick Johnson


Jan 8, 2020

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Week eight of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Operation Shattered Web Operation has begun, with a new batch of challenges now available to players.

Week eight, code-named “Italian Job,” comes with a standard roundup of missions, but with each one taking place on CSGO’s Italy-themed maps. While this set of missions isn’t as compelling as previous weeks’, the good news for fans is that they don’t have to play Danger Zone for a while.

 CSGO Shattered Web’s Week 8 Challenges and Missions

  • “Start Your Engines”: – Get 10 kills in Casual: Canals.
  • “Hit The Gas” – Get 5 headshot kills in Casual: Inferno.
  • “Switching Gears” – Get 15 kills with CT weapons in Guardian: Italy.
  • “You’re Only Supposed to Blow the Bloody Doors Off!” – Get 10 round wins in Competitive: Inferno
  • “Rooftop Getaway” – Get 16 round wins in Wingman: Rialto.
  • “A Close Scrape” – Get 40 kills with the Dual Berettas in Deathmatch: Defusal Group Delta.

There are two missions that players must complete in Counter-Strike’s Casual game mode, as well as a Wingman challenge on Rialto and the weekly deathmatch challenge. This week’s “A Close Scrape” deathmatch mission is considerably easier than last week’s “Hot Shot” challenge, which required 30 headshots in a single deathmatch game.

Though some have reportedly experienced server issues due to the influx of players to official deathmatch servers, this week’s allows players to add up kills across multiple maps which should allow players to more easily work their way to the achievement.

This week’s Casual missions include CSGO’s Inferno and Canals, so players should be set on those. Inferno is a staple and Canals was played widely on its release. Twisting turns and tight corners on Canals will make shotguns and SMG’s viable for the ten-kill challenge. Likewise, Inferno’s mid and banana is ready for players looking for headshots.

Shattered Web Week 8 changes things up on Guardian mission

“Switching Gears” calls players to Italy, literally. This week’s Guardian mission once again throws some heavy waves of bots at players. The mission calls for 15 kills with any CT weapon. The list of CT weapons in CSGO includes:

  • M4A1-S
  • M4A4
  • Famas
  • AUG
  • SCAR 20
  • Five-Seven
  • MP-9
  • MAG-7
  • P2000
  • USP-S

That “Switching Gears” title isn’t just for show, though.

While players have traditionally played on the CT side for Guardian matches, Italy turns the tables on players by having them play as terrorists, meaning that they will have to procure those guns off of fallen enemies.

That makes things a bit trickier, but spices up what has been a largely monotonous experience on Guardian to this point in Operation Shattered Web.


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