Brazilian streamer Gaules apologizes for cheating accusations

By Olivia Richman


Jul 14, 2020

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive streamer Alexandre “Gaules” Borba has apologized for comments made during a CS Summit match through which he implied a pro player was cheating.

During a match between Chaos Esports Club and Made in Brazil, Gaules continuously bashed Chaos EC, including 16-year-old named Nathan “leaf” Orf, after he was convinced that they were cheating. He showed a handful of clips that he felt supported his accusations, which convinced many of his followers to turn against Chaos EC. 

According to esports journalist Richard Lewis, Made in Brazil captain Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo saw the conversation on Twitter and commented that it showed “three blatant aimlocks.” This led leaf to deactivate his Twitter account, Lewis said, “due to the sheer volume of abuse and threats thrown his way by irate Brazilian fans.” 

In his opinion piece, Lewis then outlined the role Gaules and other Brazilian streamers and players have played in creating unprofessional environments, including attacking and harassing other competitors and broadcasters.

Gaules apologizes accusing Chaos’ leaf of cheating

Facing backlash over his controversial broadcast, Gaules decided to come forward with a statement regarding the situation. 

Gaules explained that his intention during that broadcast 15 days ago was to simply analyze the match. He claimed that he had told people several times not to go after the organization or players, but some fans had not listened to his requests.

“From the moment that physical threats and violence became part of the issue, this means that we must take a stand and show that our community can no longer tolerate this type of attitude so that we can positively have a place within the international community,” Gaules stated. 

Gaules called on the CSGO community to change and “improve” together. 

But Lewis and some others weren’t impressed.

“Shortly after this article was released Gaules issued an ‘apology’ for his actions. Except, nowhere does he actually apologize for accusing the player of cheating repeatedly during a partnered broadcast. He criticizes those who made threats but not what he did that led to them,” Lewis tweeted

Gaules is currently one of the most popular Brazilian CSGO streamers. When Brazilian teams are playing, his commentary gets viewership of up to hundreds of thousands of people. While very popular, Gaules has continuously been under fire for targeting various individuals in the CSGO pro scene, who are then attacked by his rabid fans and followers. 

This is not the first time Gaules has been called out by a public figure in the esports community. As such, CSGO fans are skeptical of Gaules’ apology and some have pointed out that other harsh remarks he has made about teams and individuals in the past still stand without any such backtracking.


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