Boston Uprising Blase not happy with team performance in Stage 3

By Olivia Richman


Jun 10, 2019

Reading time: 6 min

Boston Uprising just lost to Paris Eternal this weekend, their second defeat in the first week of Overwatch League’s Stage 3. And Jeffrey “Blase” Tsang isn’t happy at all.

After a miserable 3-1 finish to Paris, Blase spoke with about what went wrong, and the DPS skills he hopes he can unleash before the end of Stage 2.

You’ve been known to play Doomfist, Roadhog, Junkrat… Who would you say is your actual main?

I could say Doomfist. But probably Genji.

Could say Doomfist?

I have always liked playing him. But Genji is who I originally grinded out. I have over 200 hours on him. Every other hero is less than 100. But I like Doomfist right now, because he can do things with GOATS. Genji fell out and I had to stop playing him. I like heroes with interesting mechanics, mobility and damage.

Do you see Doomfist being viable in Stage 3?

Not really. Maybe in a triple DPS comp. But not something you can play consistently. Doom revolves around his cooldowns so he’s easily shut down by Sombra.

How do you feel about GOATS, which often has you playing Brigitte?

I definitely don’t mind playing Brig. I still want to really improve on her. I complain about her sometimes. I meme about it. Brig does the least amount of damage in-game. Even Lucio does more. That’s the complete opposite of a DPS. She’s more based on positioning. Healing. There’s no flashy plays, like with Genji. Small things have an impact, but it’s not flashy at all.

When did you start playing Brigitte?

Pretty much when GOATS became relevant.

How did your team decide that you would be the one playing Brigitte?

Originally, Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse wanted to play Brig. But he had no Visa yet. And playing her on 200 ping is really, really hard. We practiced with him on Zarya and me on Brig  for so long, we felt we might as well keep it.

What is your playstyle with Brigitte?

Right now, I’m the shot caller for the team. It transitioned from Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth. GOATS has evolved. There’s more variables to account for. They like me shot calling. I call pushes. What to do with our ults, their ults, things like that. There’s only one right playstyle for Brig: being adaptive. You have to know when to push and punish people out of position.

Did any of your skills as a DPS player carry over and really help with playing Brigitte?

The flail, it’s sort of like a projectile. Having good accuracy on that really matters over time. You want to hit every flail.

Was there any aspect of Brigitte you had to get used to?

Probably just knowing how heals work. As a DPS player, you never pay attention to knowing how to heal right. You’re a damage dealer, not a healer. Overhealing is actually bad, I learned. Rein has passive armor. It’s better to let his armor deplete and then fill it back up. You don’t want to overheal him, when you could replenish all of his armor instead.

What is something aspiring Brigitte mains have to practice a lot to master this hero?

The heal is the biggest one. Knowing when to heal. You want to heal when they’re low, so they can benefit from it. Keeping Inspire up. And hitting your boops. The small things she does… flailing Zarya off the high ground. That’s huge.

How do you know when to use Brigitte’s ultimate?

It’s kind of based on what ults they have and what ults you have. Rally is an aggressive ult. You don’t want to use it defensively. It’s the least valuable ult in GOATS. It’s strong, but in high tier pro play you won’t win a play off of it. With Rally, you want to use it on pushes. 3-2-1 rally. You can path around better.

What is a moment that you’re proud of from your match today against Paris Eternal?

It was a rough match, team-wise. We just had this listening problem. I’m on comms a lot right now. But our listening has been pretty bad. There was one time I saw a Zarya split. I told everyone to turn on her, to kill her instantly. But it took us seven seconds… It took so long for her to die. We’ve got some issues right now.

How do you plan to fix those issues?

I don’t know. It’s not something you can fix like that [snaps]. It’s just a skill you acquire over time, like playing.

Your second most-played hero in Season 2 is Pharah. What are some reasons you would switch off Brigitte to play Pharah instead?

Usually it’s from Pharah to Brig. It depends on the opposing team’s comp. If they’re playing bunker, I’m usually on Hanzo. Today on Paris, they ran a Bastion comp. It’s to break the shield. If they’re running GOATS on Point 1 on Defense, we like to run DPS. That has a high success rate versus Reinhardt GOATS.

When did you start playing Overwatch professionally?

Probably when I got signed to Contenders. I started playing in the open beta. The scene wasn’t that developed back then. I bounced between a few tier two teams. Gladiators Legion is when my career started.

What do you like about Overwatch?

Right now, I don’t hate it. But there’s things to work on. When it was dive, I just loved the coordination. How to use ults. I love how fast-paced the game is. It’s really more MOBA than FPS right now, especially on Brig. You have to think about how to use ults. But I do miss the FPS aspect of it. Popping off. But I respect GOATS in that it make teams think more. But three stages of GOATS is a lot. I thought they would change it for Stage 3. I hope they change it for Stage 4, but who knows. I’ll be kind of mad if it’s a whole season of Brig, my Overwatch league debut.

How did you feel when signed to Boston Uprising?

I felt I had made it. But you see a lot of washed up players. People eventually find out some players aren’t too good. I really have to prove myself. So far I think I’m doing alright. But it’s hard to prove yourself when nobody can see what you’re doing.

What are your goals for Stage 3?

Our team needs to fix our issues. It’s kind of been rough. We expected to win today. We thought Paris was kind of weak. They’re weaker than us. But our issues are pretty bad right now.

What are your team’s strengths?

Probably my planning, shot-calling. Individually, we’re all really good. But as a team, we’re not. And GOATS is a team game. It’s really team-centered.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

I’m sorry we let you down today against Paris. We really need to fix our issues. I’m hoping I can play DPS next stage and things will be better. We’ll see.


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