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Blizzard employee who stole breast milk may have been found

By Olivia Richman


Jan 7, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Without any new content to take on, Overwatch players have been busy attempting to uncover who exactly was stealing breast milk from the mothers that worked at Activision Blizzard.

Parents that worked at Activision Blizzard reported in December 2021 that the nursing area of the company office was unsanitary and lacking in both comfort and functionality. What shocked the gaming community the most, however, was that employees were allegedly stealing breast milk from the office fridge.

In response, the Overwatch community has attempted to find the Blizzard employees who dared steal breast milk from mothers working at the company. And now they may have some possible suspects.

Blizzard breast milk thief may be identified by Overwatch community

The answer to the creepy mystery may be on 4chan. Overwatch players found some comments on a 2019 4chan thread that pointed to the possible identity of a Blizzard employee who stole the breast milk. The damning images were shared on the OverwatchTMZ subreddit.

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It’s not yet possible to officially prove the person on 4chan is the same employee who stole from lactating Blizzard employees, but the comments leave some possible clues. This includes the anonymous man saying that he worked at a “large tech company” and that he often raided the “lactation room.”

“I just skimmed half a liter off the bottles in the fridge,” the man wrote.

The man explained that he would open an “unlocked door,” a complaint that the women at Blizzard often had about the breastfeeding area. He would then pour some of the milk into a water bottle, using it for “maximum gains” before a workout.

The 4chan users seemed quite enthralled with the story back in 2019, asking if the employee was attractive and expressing awe at the “heist.” Modern commenters were another story, with many Overwatch fans calling the anonymous man “disgusting.” The greatest concern was that he had actually posted a photo of the woman, even though he didn’t show her face.