BLAST Global Finals features Liquid vs Astralis in first round

By Nick Johnson


Nov 14, 2019

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The BLAST Pro Series has announced the starting matches for the upcoming BLAST Global Finals.

BLAST Pro Series released the starting matches for the BLAST Global Finals, setting the stage for the end of BLAST’s first circuit season. According to BLAST, team seeding for the groups was determined by the total number of points each team accrued over the seven qualifying BLAST Pro Series tournaments. At the conclusion of the season, four teams clearly led the pack.

  • FaZe Clan – 30 Points
  • Team Liquid – 28 Points
  • Astralis – 26 Points
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas – 24 points

Na`Vi, Cloud9 and MIBR failed to make it to the Global Finals, with Na`VI and MIBR only scoring 12 points apiece over the season. Cloud9 also underperformed with a total of six points.

BLAST Pro Series Global Finals is unique among tournaments, especially since the BLAST event consists of only four teams. But the number of teams attending the tournament mimics the other oddities of BLAST’s format and may serve to draw viewers out of sheer curiosity. Day 1 of the BLAST Global Finals is essential the third or fourth day of any other big tournament.

As opposed to the classic BLAST format with best-of-one games, all of the Global Final matches are best-of-threes. Another switch in format from the BLAST regular season is that matches will happen one after another instead of concurrently, as has been the norm at BLAST events since their inception. This switch could serve as a preview for next year’s rebrand to BLAST Premiere. should event organizers decide to change up the tournament series formula.

BLAST Global Finals sets stage for BLAST Premiere with Global Finals

Featuring a $500,000 prize pool and a $350,000 first-place prize, the BLAST Global Final will serve as a preview for BLAST Premiere, the new circuit’s two six-month seasons and $1 million grand final. 

The switch in format officially makes early November’s BLAST Copenhagen the last time viewers will ever see the original BLAST format in action

Astralis vs Liquid and FaZe vs NiP comprise Global Finals Day 1 

The BLAST Global Final initial matchups are already set for the best-of-three double-elimination bracket. Team Liquid and Astralis will face off in the first round while FaZe and NiP will match up on the other side of the bracket on day one.

Team Liquid has looked lost recently, and with Astralis doling out the pain and taking home an impressive undefeated victory at IEM Beijing, what once would have been a must-see match now entirely depends on Liquid’s form.

On the other side of the bracket, FaZe looks energized with the addition of Helvijs “broky” Saukants and has an advantage over an NiP team that looks nothing like they did at their peak. Despite this, NiP’s recent win over G2 in their ESL Pro League group means an upset is at least possible.

The BLAST Global Finals will also see the return of the BLAST Show-Off show match. One-on-one showings between any of these teams’ players will be a treat for fans. 

The BLAST Global Finals will be held at the ISA Sports City facility in Riffa, Bahrain, starting December 12. FaZe and NiP take the stage first, directly followed by Astralis and Team Liquid. Day 2 features the same start times for the upper and lower bracket finals.

Thursday, December 12

5:00 AM EST

  • FaZe vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

9:00 AM

  • Team Liquid vs Astralis

Friday, December 13

5:00 AM EST

  • Upper bracket final

9:00 AM

  • Lower bracket final

Saturday, December 14

5:00 AM EST

  • Consolidation Final

8:45 AM EST

  • BLAST Stand-Off

10:00 AM EST

  • BLAST Global Final

December 14 will host the final BLAST games of the year, starting with the BLAST Stand-Off at 5 AM EST and followed by the lower bracket finals. The event culminates in the grand final match between the remaining teams at 10 AM EST.


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