BIG Academy, Swole Patrol impress in WINNERS League Week 3

By Nick Johnson


Nov 13, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

WINNERS League Season 3’s third week was a showcase for some of the stronger teams in the invite divisions. Things calmed down after last week’s upsets, with the only outlier being a Team Queso upset over Team LDLC.

ESuba loses to BIG OMEN Academy despite a strong CT start

ESuba started strong on Mirage, building up a solid 5-1 lead before allowing BIG Academy to storm back and take the half 8-7. They carried the comeback mentality into the second half, only allowing eSuba three rounds on offense and taking the map 16-10. 

David “prosus” Hesse was the standout performer in the match, leading BIG Academy with a massive five triple kills over the course of the map. He finished with a solid 25 kills with 17 deaths in BIG’s win.

BIG Academy now shares first place with Apeks in Group A of the WINNERS League European Invite Division. They’ve shown great team chemistry over the past three weeks’ worth of matches, and they’re looking like a good pick to make it out of the Season 3 group stage.

Swole Patrol wins second in a row as they defeat Triumph 16-8

Swole Patrol’s revamped roster continues to impress, taking down Triumph Gaming 16-8 on Overpass this week.  Collin “wrath” McSweegan had an impressive quadruple kill in the second round anti-eco that set the tone for a defensive half that ended 11-4. Despite a Triumph pistol round win in the second half, they were unable to contain Swole Patrol when they switched to the T side.

The win brings Swole Patrol to 2-0 in Group D of WINNERS League North America. They’re currently in second place behind Rugratz, but only because they’ve played one less game so far this season. Braxton “swag” Pierce and co. will look to keep the streak going in their next match against The Quest, who won’t be known by that name for much longer.

Quest picked up by Triumph Gaming, Bushido Boys and Team Hyper withdraw from WINNERS League 

North America saw both Bushido Boys and Team Hyper withdraw from WINNERS League Season 3 after poor starts to the beginning of the season. Bushido went 0-5 after winning their initial match against Good Game PR, eventually racking up a losing streak of five matches. Hyper fared even worse, failing to win a single match over the first three weeks of the season.

On the other hand, The Quest got some good news this week as the Triumph Gaming organization is now sponsoring the roster. The news is less good for the former Triumph Gaming members, who are now officially playing under the ex-Triumph name.

WINNER’S LEAGUE Play of the Match: Week 3

The Krieg struck again this week as Good Game PR’s “raidxoxo” stole the second round for his team in their match against MAC-51. Raidxoxo couldn’t have been in a better position with his rifle, holding the top of middle on Mirage and clutching out a one-on-three to tie the game 1-1. Good Game PR would go on to lose to MAC-51 in a close 16-13 finish, but Raidxoxo walked away with the highlight play. 

European WINNERS League Week 3 Complete Results

  • Endpoint 16-11 GameAgents 
  • APEKS 16-9 Skade
  • BIG OMEN Academy 16-10 eSuba
  • Defusekids 16-11 Tenerife Titans
  • ex-BLUEJAYS 16-12 Izako Boars
  • Defusekids 16-11 Team Unique
  • Smoke Criminals 16-10 Izako Boars
  • ex-BLUEJAYS 16-7 Team Unique
  • Espada 16-6  Vikings Mad Lions EC 
  • Ambush 16-6 Besiktas Esports
  • Nexus 16-7 Lyngby Vikings
  • S-Gaming 16-6 CPH Flames Fe
  • Team Queso 25-23 LDLC

North American WINNERS League Week 3 Complete Results

  • Big Frames 16-13 Team Clarity
  • Oceanus Win by FF against Defy Gaming
  • Mythic 16-10 Big Frames
  • Team Singularity 16-6 Faint Gaming
  • MAC-51 16-13 Good Game PR
  • Swole Patrol 16-8 Triumph Gaming (now ex-Triumph)