Best Tera Raid Battle team against Greninja

By Melany Moncada


Jan 23, 2023

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Greninja is the next seven-star Tera Raid Battle boss in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These are the most difficult battles in the game and not a challenge that you should take lightly. Preparing the best possible team for the Tera Raid Battle is the key to success against Greninja.

Seven-star Tera Raid Battles are limited-time events that will run through two separate weekends. These events feature strong and exclusive Pokemon that are not available any other way in the game. The first seven-star Tera Raid Battle boss was Charizard, who appeared across Paldea back in December. Greninja is the third seven-star boss, and like Charizard, it doesn’t appear on the Paldea Pokedex.

Players can only catch one Greninja, the same condition applied to Charizard but will have plenty of opportunities to face it. Players can participate in as many seven-star Tera Raid Battles as they wish, even after catching the boss. In those instances, they will receive the rewards and won’t have the option to catch the raid boss again.

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Tera Raid Battle Greninja weaknesses

Greninja is a dual Water and Dark type from the Kalos region. In the Tera Raid Battle, Greninja will have a Poison Tera type. If you take a look at the weakness chart, you can see that there isn’t a Pokemon that is strong against all three Water, Dark, and Poison type.

Simply put, if a Pokemon is strong against one of the three types, it is usually weak against one of the others.

Being a seven-star Tera Raid Battle boss, Greninja will be level 100. Players need to bring their best Pokemon to this battle. Greninja is a fast attacker and it will hurt every time it targets your Pokemon. On the flip side, its defense is not the greatest. The best way to put together a team is by having some tanks and one Pokemon that can pack a punch.

Best team against Greninja Tera Raid Battle

Preparing for a seven-star Tera Raid Battle is a team effort. The four players in the raid must coordinate to have the most effective team and the best strategy. Especially when it comes to a Pokemon like Greninja that can take an entire team fast.

When it comes to Tera Raid Battles, each Pokemon has an unofficial role. You can have Support and Tank Pokemon, and the attackers. To face Greninja, you need three Supports and one attacker.

The perfect attacker is Slowbro with Iron Defense, Nasty Plot, and Stored Power. Slowbro should start by using Iron Defense and Nasty Plot, these will passively increase the strength of Stored Power. Using three times each stats booster, should make Stored Power strong enough to take Greninja in one shot.

The team needs to protect the attacker and here is where the support comes into play. The support could be any Pokemon that use Helping Hand to add to Stored Power. Or Follow Me, which makes the Pokemon using it the target and effectively diverts the attention from Slowbro.

Some of the Pokemon that can support Slowbro are:

  • Indeedee
  • Gastrodon
  • Maushold
  • Clodsire
  • Pachirisu
  • Blissey


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