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The best Stray mods, from Garfield to split-screen multiplayer

By Olivia Richman


Jul 26, 2022

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Stray is already one of the most beloved games of 2022 just days after its release thanks to its adorable whiskered protagonist and stunning environment. Even though the game is enjoyable as is, there are already an abundance of Stray mods to expand gameplay.

Some of these add extra content to the game while others are just meant to be fun or silly. Here is the best of what’s available at this time.

Best Stray mods to try out today

Stray isn’t a long game. It takes most people about six hours to play from start to finish, although exploring can expand the time a bit. Stray is getting a lot of replay value thanks to some entertaining mods coming for the PC version of the hit indie game. Here are some of the best.


Up to three friends can play Stray together thanks to a mod created by KangieDanie. This mod is still in development and crashing is somewhat common, but it’s still worth checking out. Who doesn’t want to explore a cyberpunk city with their friends, jumping around buildings as a pack of cats? Once the mod is installed, tap F9 on your keyboard to add another player, creating a split-screen co-op experience.

Garfield re-skin

Blog post image

This slightly cursed mod finally gives the orange tabby a name. Garfield. You can swap the usual cat for Garfield, the lasagna-eating, Monday-hating comic strip icon. You can play the entire game as Garfield with little issue, adding a bit of humor to the otherwise serious gameplay.

First-Person Mod

This simple change offers an entirely new perspective to Stray. Instead of seeing the main character scratching doors, climbing onto air conditioners, and taking cat naps, you can become the cat entirely by downloading this first-person mod. You’ll feel more immersed than ever before.

Stray Dog

Stray dog

Dog lovers don’t have to feel left out anymore. While Stray has become an iconic game for cat lovers, there is now a mod that allows you to play as a puppy. While you’ll look like an adorable little Frenchie, you’ll still have the same abilities as a cat, allowing you to meow and climb around your environment.

Jason replaces meow

One feature players love in Stray is the ability to meow whenever you want. Now, a modder has made it possible to switch out the meow for a variety of “JASON!” screams based on the iconic scene in Heavy Rain. That’s really all this mod does but for some people, this joke never gets old.

The CJ Mod

The creepiest of all Stray mods has to be the one where you can change the cat into CJ from Grand Theft Auto. Crawling around as CJ is already an unsightly image, but it gets worse when you do cat-like behaviors like licking a puddle of water or carrying around a bucket in your mouth.


If you want to remain the iconic orange tabby, there’s a mod that allows you to simply sport a pair of dorky spectacles. Aside from that, the cat and the gameplay remains the same.


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