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Best path to choose in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

By Melany Moncada


Nov 25, 2022

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For the first time, a Pokemon game features three different paths for players to explore. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can choose how to explore Paldea. It might be overwhelming at first, but here is everything you need to know to choose your path.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be overwhelming even for veteran players. With so many options, it’s hard to know which one is the best one for each player. Some prefer going through the basics before setting off to become a Pokemon Champion while others want to focus purely on the battles.

How to choose your path in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Players take on the role of a student in the Naranja/Uva Academy in Mesagoza. The students are sent on a Treasure Hunt, this is an independent study project where students must travel through Paldea and “find a treasure to call their own”.

The first path is Victory Road, the classic journey to become a Pokemon Champion. On this path, players must travel from town to town, challenging the Gym Leaders and collecting Gym Badges. Because Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an open world game, there isn’t a set order for the Gym Leaders but there is a difficulty difference between Gyms. If one proves to be too difficult, just go to another town and try again.

It is important to note that as they advance in the game, having all the Gym Badges will become necessary if players want to control the strongest Pokemon.

The second possible path is the Path of Legends. Players join fellow classmate Arven in his search for Herba Mystica, a rare plant that grows around the region. Herba Mystica is protected by Titan Pokemon which players must defeat in battle. As a reward for winning against the Titans, players will receive Herba Mystica to prepare sandwiches.

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The sandwiches can be used to improve their legendary rides, increase the chances of encountering shiny Pokemon, and more.

The third and final path is Starfall Street. In this path, you face Team Star, a group of students that have decided to skip class and wreak havoc. Team Star has bases around the region and barricades that will prevent you from advancing. In this path, players will become familiar with the Auto Battle mode because it is easier to face grunts that way. Once players defeat the boss on her Starmobile, all the barricades in Paldea will fall.


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