It Takes Two

Best multiplayer games to play with family and friends

By Olivia Richman


Dec 24, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Split-screen is becoming a hard feature to come by. As online multiplayer modes continue to reign supreme in competitive games, fewer and fewer games are bothering to include split-screen options. This can be a bit frustrating to friends and family looking for some couch co-op games to enjoy this holiday season.

Luckily there is still an abundance of games you can play with friends on the same console. Here are some games to consider if you want to work together with friends or fight your family in a multiplayer game even if you don’t have multiple consoles in your home.

It Takes Two

There is a reason this action-adventure platform game took Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021. Published by Electronic Arts, this is a co-op game that transports friends into a fantasy world that shows a new side of everyday places in the home and beyond. It features multiple styles of gameplay, from platform levels to teamwork-based challenges.

Halo Infinite

While Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant seemed to be taking over the shooter scene of 2021, Halo Infinite arrived and immediately won the hearts of FPS fans everywhere. Halo Infinite has a rich campaign and simple, satisfying multiplayer action that has left a lot of people feeling nostalgic. Just like older FPS titles, Halo Infinite features split-screen capabilities, allowing players to lock into their Spartan armor and finish the fight.

Samurai Warriors 5

Take on hundreds of soldiers with a friend in Samurai Warrior 5’s split-screen co-op mode. Samurai Warrior 5 is a reboot of the hack-and-slash Samurai Warriors series published by Koei Tecmo. With a new storyline and revamped character designs, Samurai Warriors 5 is a fun and violent game with a stunning art style that is less about complicated strategies and more about racking up kills.


Looking for a break from combat? Go head to head with friends and family in a variety of party games designed to test your trivia knowledge and creativity. Jackbox features unique challenges like coming up with hilarious t-shirt designs, completing wacky job interviews, or solving murder mysteries. See how well you know your loved ones and also find out who is the most clever of your family.

Back 4 Blood

This survival horror game is a co-op that has friends fighting hordes of zombies together. This bloodbath of a game features a variety of wild zombie archetypes and a new deck-building feature. Each player must use player cards to modify their character’s health, stamina, and damage. There is plenty of action and strategy to enjoy Back 4 Blood as a couch co-op title during the holidays and beyond.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sick of partnering up and working with friends and family? Look no further than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This fighting game will have everyone duking it out to be the last remaining fighter on the stage. With a roster of 89 playable characters from a wide variety of popular video game franchises, there are many play styles to choose from. For less competitive players, keep items on or consider some of the fun game modes like Squad Strike or Custom Smash.


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