Best CSGO launch options

The best CSGO launch options to boost your FPS in 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 29, 2022

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Getting a steady frames-per-second count is vitally important in shooter games. A few launch options can help stabilize your frames in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

First-person shooter games can be a menace if you have a low-end gaming system. Low frames per second can mar the gaming experience and cost you ELO. However, those with “beast” PC builds also run into similar problems due to poor settings. If your FPS continues to trip on an optimal PC build, you may want to feed in some commands. 

The launch options you select allow the game to run with the chosen technical settings that you type in prior to pressing play. We have a list of the best CSGO launch options that’d help you boost FPS in 2022. 

Best CSGO launch options to boost FPS 

You may have seen players overload their consoles with dozens of commands. But, you don’t need to add every single launch option in order to run CSGO smoothly. Below are all the commands you need to achieve optimal FPS. 

 –nojoy: This launch option deactivates the joystick support and decreases the RAM load.

 –r_emulate_gl: This launch option warrants a significant boost in FPS by enabling OpenGL emulation on windows. 

forcenovsync: This launch option deactivates the VSync function for CSGO, which can often limit the FPS.

 –softparticlesdefaultoff: This launch option is crucial to add as CSGO has a smoke FPS problem. It limits the drop in FPS whenever a utility like a Smoke grenade blooms near the user.

+fps_max 0: It’s a console command but can also be inserted as a launch option. It removes the FPS cap that is enabled by default. You may add this command in order to prevent random spikes and a drastic decrease in FPS. 

You may want to refrain from overfeeding irrelevant commands, and some of them can mess with your FPS. Not all launch options are tested so it’s not guaranteed to impact the game positively. Due to this, keep your console commands minimal. 

How to fix FPS drop in smoke CSGO

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FPS dropping in CSGO is a common issue that many players with low-end PCs face. However, those with optimal builds have also noticed a minor drop. This launch option should help stabilize CSGO FPS in smokes by a small margin. 

Open the console and paste this command: –softparticlesdefaultoff. This command disables scene depth blending for particles and sprites, ultimately keeping the FPS stable. 


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