Bayonetta 3 censorship

Bayonetta 3 has nudity censorship option, here’s what it means

By Olivia Richman


Jul 13, 2022

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Bayonetta is known for her unique fighting style, long hair, sassy comebacks, and sexy moves. Of course, not everyone is a fan of her sultry behavior during battle, causing developer PlatinumGames to introduce a new nudity censorship option to its upcoming game.

Bayonetta 3 is coming out on October 28 and PlatinumGames has reassured fans that the witch will be “sexier than ever.” But for people who feel more sensitive to sexually graphic content, there will be a “revolutionary” option called Naive Angel Mode so that “more people” can enjoy the game without feeling uncomfortable.

“By turning it on, you can play right in the living room without having to worry about what’s on screen… we think,” the game developers joked.

Will Bayonetta 3 be censored?

The short answer is no, Bayonetta 3 will not be censored. Bayonetta 3 in its original form will have just as much nudity and sexual expression as ever. But now, players can toggle Naïve Angel Mode on or off, an option that will censor the game when activated.

While PlatinumGaming was clearly being a bit cheeky with its announcement tweet, fans of the witch were left feeling conflicted about the update. Some said that censorship is wrong, even if it’s just an option. Others pointed out that the game is rated M, so gamers should already be aware of the content before purchasing the game.

Bayonetta is known for her confidence and sexuality. Some gamers felt that it was counterproductive to have a censorship option, as though Bayonetta should be ashamed of her nudity instead of embracing it.

Some even responded with confusion as to why Bayonetta’s body was considered inappropriate for some gamers while the gore in the game was being left untouched.

While the majority of responses brought about by frustration over the decision, a few people applauded PlatinumGames for making it an option for people that want to play the game with younger children or their families on hand.

Regardless of how gamers feel about it, those who wish to play Bayonetta 3 without any censorship will still have the opportunity to do so.


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