Baki Hanma Joins Street Fighter 6

By Melany Moncada


Sep 19, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Capcom revealed a surprising collaboration with Baki Hanma, with Baki and Hanayama now available in Street Fighter 6.

Earlier this year, it was rumored that Baki would be part of Tekken 8. The rumor was based on a fan-made trailer that circulated on Reddit. Sadly, the rumor was debunked.

Now, it’s confirmed that Baki will make his fighting game debut in Street Fighter 6. Although, it is not in the way that fans expect.

Capcom is one of the companies in the video game industry that is not afraid to drop a collaboration. Back in August, a collaboration with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was announced and later released. This time, it’s Baki’s turn.

How to get Baki Hanma in Street Fighter 6

Baki won’t be available as a regular character in the game. Instead, players have the option to create Baki Hanma and Hanayama using the avatar recipes.

These avatars can be used in the Battle Hub, which is the new online mode for Street Fighter 6.

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To achieve an avatar that looks almost exactly like Baki, follow the recipe that is available on Street Fighter 6’s Japanese website.

In the World Tour mode, head to the Beat Square. Across from the cosmetic shop, you will find a shop that has “Meet the New You” written all over it. Here, changing the avatar will cost you 1,000 Zenny.

The second method is through the Battle Hub’s Body Shop. In both options, the recipe used is the same. Choosing one method or the other will depend on the currency players wish to spend.

In the Battle Hub’s Body Shop, changing the avatar will cost 50 Drive Tickets. It is a reasonable price. However, Drive Tickets are a limited resource that you might want to use for something else.