Astralis planning to open theme park gaming center exhibit

Olivia Richman • February 5, 2021 6:10 pm

Astralis is opening a new facility and it’s in a pretty unexpected location. 

The Danish esports organization is planning a fun-filled facility in Tivoli Gardens, an amusement park in Copenhagen. Though it’s not an ideal time for theme parks, fans of the top CSGO brand can look forward to this opening in June. 

The new facility is being described as Astralis’ “first-ever flagship store.” There will be gaming setups for over 130 people, VIP rooms, viewing parties, fan events, and mini-tournaments. There will also be Astralis merchandise and products from the organization’s partners, including Logitech G, HP’s Omen, and audio brand Bang & Olufsen.  

The facility is a product of Astralis’ partnership with Tivoli. According to Astralis CEO, Anders Horsholt, this marks the “first step” in the organization’s strategy to create more valuable, and more direct fan experiences. 

“We want to offer something that both hardcore esports fans, gamers, and a more casual audience will enjoy. And we are extremely pleased to launch the strategy in a separate cooperation with the most iconic entertainment center in Denmark,” Horsholt said. 

Astralis already planning more facilities throughout Denmark

Astralis stated in a press release that the facility is combing “all of the positives” of gaming and esports with traditional family entertainment in a way that should appeal to a diverse audience. Horsholt said he expects to have a “fully booked calendar” of game-related events for 2021. 

Astralis stated that the flagship store in Tivoli will be the “first of its kind,” suggesting more facilities will be opened in other locations in relevant markets. For now, the organization is focused on the grand opening of this location and the experiences they hope to offer fans this summer. 

“In Tivoli, tradition and renewal go hand in hand,” Tivoli CEO Susanne Morch Koch said. “I am very pleased that we have managed to come together with Astralis in a strong and innovative partnership like this. Astralis is a world-class esports team and organization with a huge fan base and the Astralis brand is perfect for moving into the ‘Tivoli Corner’ with its unique architecture, central in Copenhagen.” 

With Astralis being such a well-known esports organization in Denmark, this is sure to be an exciting experience for gaming fans in the country. 


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